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Feb 6, 2009 05:15 AM

Lowell WinterFest - Soup Bowl Competition this weekend??

Did anyone go last night? We're going tonight. Loved it last year, over 15 local restaurant enter their best soup, chowder, stew, chili. This is great place to get turned on to some new restaurants that I hadn't tried before: Cavaleiro's for one. I think the won several years ago. Bring your appetite, you'll want to try them all.

Mr. Jalapeno was supposed to be there last year and didn't, hoping to try theirs this year.

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  1. lex,

    Unfortunatly, everyone in the family is sick and we can't make it up there, but I'm so looking forward to your "play-by-play". Don't leave out any details.

    1. I'm bummed, I didn't keep a copy of the score card and totally lost track of soups and who made what. We love Ricardo's (our first pick) with pasta bolognese soup, loaded with little ring noodles, meat and tomatoes - excellent flavors. We also enjoyed a chicken dutchess, creamy but can't remember who made that (maybe Saints Memorial Hosp). There were two chowders, but one stood out much better tehn the other - new place called Groovy Grub. The other one was way too thick for my taste. There were several that actually were terrible - last year we found it a tougher competition with many good ones, this year not so. Mr. Jalapeno once again, didn't show up - maybe they did for Sat.'s event. One other soup that was good was a Steak Bomb - cheesy with steak and mush/peppers but again can't remember. I was bummed when I realized that I had nothing to help remind me of who was in it. I haven't read yet if winners were announced yet.

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        Hi, folks. I too was bummed that I didn't walk away with anything that told me what I had just eaten, but after some Googling about, the Lowell Sun comes to the rescue!

        See this:

        (My fav was the smoky tomato cream and sausage.)

      2. Here's another report - including the info that winners will be announced tonight:

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          GourmetGal's blog reports that the Steak Bomb Soup, from French's in Tewksbury, took top honors. Ricardo's Bolognese Soup was a close second, and the People's Choice was the Chicken Duchess from Saints Medical Center.

          Wish I had gone - can anyone suss out the recipes? I read that the winner contained bits of shaved steak and the Bolognese had pasta and tomatoes, but have never heard of Chicken Duchess.

          1. re: greygarious

            I'm not surprised that French's took top honor in a soup contest. They have some really killer soups. Highly recommended for lunch. Their subs and salads are fair, but not great, but pair well with their awesome soup.

            Their clam chowder is really great there.