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Feb 6, 2009 04:54 AM

Mignon Steakhouse Rutherford, N.J.

What do you think of this restaurant? I have read mixed reviews. Is it worth my Saturday night dining experience?

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  1. Another restaurant I have not tried....and do not intend to based on the same mixed reviews you have read as well. The comments I hear on the plus side have more to do with the fact it is a BYOB and money is saved of the entire bill. The negative comments I hear have to do with the quality and price is high in relation to value. I remember this thread from last year and the final tab for two was $120 without that expensive or not? For me, I'll go to Dinallo's in Riveredge, where I know I will get a good steak and drink....I am not a fan of BYOB's in general.....but that's for another day.

    My opinon is Dinallo's has the best Sliced New York StripSteak Sandwich with fresh cut fries for around $22 ....available on their lunch menu. They serve the same quality steak cut, a larger version enough for two to share for around $36 in the evening on their Dinner menu.....Our group gets together there usually on Weekend afternoons or a early Sunday evening dinner when it more quiet. Too loud and too busy for me all other nights....

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      I tried Dinallo's thanks to your post a few months back and really liked it! I will go back and give the steak sandwich a try! Thanks for saving me $$ I love your tips! Keep them coming. We're on the same menu!!

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        thanks for the kind words...

        Ask for the fries well done...and you can also order the steak sandwich with sauteed mushrooms and favorite way is a twist on Tuscan style....medium-rare temperature with olive oil and fresh squeezed lemon.....fresh oregano if available

        Here's another tip about Dinallo's if you like pasta...order a half order...they will probably serve you a full portion anyway as an appetizer.....

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          The steak sandwich sounds great! Can't wait to try it!


    2. While their prices are less than some other steakhouses in the area, they aren't serving dry-aged beef. The strip is about 10 dollars less than the one at Cliff's Steakhouse, for example, which serves dry-aged USDA Prime beef, as well as The River Palm Terrace.

      Their porterhouse for 2 seems to be a bargain at 45 dollars, compared to the dry-aged counterpart at those other places for 80 dollars.

      For me, I'd rather spend 40 dollars on a piece of good dry-aged beef and make it at home, rather than spend the same for non dry-aged beef. But that's just a preference. Many people don't care for or about dry-aged beef.

      They do claim to serve USDA Prime beef, which is a plus. I seem to recall, however, that not all of their steaks were graded as such. However, that could be my bad memory, or things could have changed.

      As far as if it's worth your Saturday night, I guess you'd have to tell us what your Saturday nights are usually like so we have something to compare it to. It's not worth mine.

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        I am really glad you told me about Cliff's. I have never heard of it. I am a big fan of Peter Luger's. I went on line and saw Cliff's menu. It is so Lugerish!! Re. your ? Saturday night experiences, here's the list: Belmont Tavern in Belleville - amazing chicken, pasta, casual fare; Jerry's in Rutherford, Spanish Tavern in Newark, Copeland Room in Morristown, Nanni's in Rochelle Park. Summer's include New York restaurants.

        During the week this list is Lu Nello's in Cedar Grove only once in a while, Citrus Grille in Airmonk, Kosher Nosh in Glen Rock, Janice's in Ho HoKus.

        Saturdays or Sunday afternoon Johnny and Hanges and Ruts Hut.

        Any ideas to enlarge my repertoire?

      2. Mignon is a perfectly find place. There are better steakhouses, but you'll pay more.

        For comparison purposes, I'd say it's better than more inexpensive steakhouses, such as Steve's Sizzling Steaks or the former Arthur's Tavern, but it's not quite in the same league as The River Palm, Cliffs of The Park. And as restaurants on that part of Park Avenue are concerned, it's among the best.

        Mignon will likely be relocating to Essex County in the future. The owner feels crippled without a liquor license and he has a point. Can you think of another BYO steakhouse? (More on that here:

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        1. My sister, brother-in-law and I live in Rutherford, and have been to Mignons on several occasions. Unfortunately, we’ve had poor experiences the past two times and have pledged never to return.

          On two separate occasions guests had ordered medium rare steaks and they came out seared - red and cold to the touch. After asking for the steaks to be cooked a bit more, they were returned extremely well done (??). In addition, the last time I was there my appetizer (coconut shrimp and scallops) was extremely greasy, and a side of au gratin potatoes was deemed inedible by all (they had been quite good in the past).

          Based on the inconsistent quality and below average wait staff, I'd suggest reservations at another restaurant!

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            Thanks for saving me the time and money!

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              Mignon in a word-Inconsistent
              CK'S STEAKHOUSE-in Rutherford is consistent and has liquor license.

          2. I ordered the Porterhouse. It looked great...from the outside. Ordered medium rare, the majority of it was the color and consistency of carpaccio. Rather than realizing this, the waiter continued to carve it up table side. When I made note of this, the steak was returned, the edges of the cut pieces were seared to give them color, but the center was still raw. This is inexcusable at any restaurant, much less a "steakhouse".

            The service was poor. Aside from other foibles, our entrees were cleared away with no mention of coffee or dessert. After waiting for a glimpse of our waitress for 15 minutes, I had another server just bring me the check.

            Mignon Steak House
            72 Park Ave, Rutherford, NJ 07070