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Feb 6, 2009 04:35 AM

Favorite Central and Northern Indiana Restaurants?

Coming back for a few days around Prez Day and then again in April. Will have to hit some of my favorite places, but looking for new ones too. Central (East Central really) and Northern Indiana mainly. Have you been to any of these places already and can you suggest some new ones?

-Bonge's Tavern (Perkinsville, IN)
-Yesterday's (Granger, IN)
-Pizza King (Muncie, IN)
-QL's (Muncie, IN)


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  1. I went to Yesterday's last year and posted a detailed report on it in the discussion about South Bend at In a nutshell, I thought it was okay but nothing special, notable mostly for its old-fashioned heavy/rich menu selections and its huge but otherwise unappealing desserts. Check out that topic for additional recommendations in South Bend.

    1. I find the restaurant scene in South Bend/Mishawaka completely underwhelming. I'm a bigger fan of what's going on in the tiny speck of a town in Marshall County called Culver. It's a lake town, and there are several restaurants that are among my favorites.

      Papa's has great pizza. The rest of the menu can be hit or miss. Avoid the pasta dishes.

      The Edgewater Grille is a lakeside institution. I feel it's had a bit of a decline over the years, but the food is still completely better than anything I've had up north.

      City Tavern has great appetizers, but that's the only thing i've eaten there.

      Corndance Cafe is my absolute favorite place in Culver. They have a pear ravioli that is to die for. This is the place for pasta. They also have daily specials that are incredible. The woodfire grill is utilized in many dishes. A winner for any foodie.

      The Marmont is the little sister of the Corndance. Also very good, great pizza!

      I have yet to go to the Cabana, a Mexican restaurant in town.

      Has anyone else been there? I would love to hear your opinions!

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        1. I heard terrible reports about Bonge's Tavern. I used to pass by it every day to my previous work place. A hole in the wall in the middle of no place. Poor food at high prices. Don't recommend it from what I heard.

          1. Not sure if you'll be in Indianapolis, but I would suggest Oakley's Bistro (my favorite Indy restaurant), R Bistro, or Elements. If you are downtown, and want something super casual, go west of the zoo and visit the Working Man's Friend. Dive-type bar/restaurant with great burgers and onion rings.