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Feb 6, 2009 03:54 AM

JennieO Turkey Products-Any Opinions?

I've seen a few commercials and check out the website. Looks interesting but I haven't found any reliable reviews? I try to eat lean so I'm interested in trying a few...but there are so many choices.
I’m looking for opinions…good or bad. Which did you try? What do you like/hate the best?

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  1. I would never have bought these, but Wednesday night, I stopped at my sister's for dinner. She had made some homemade tomato sauce, and had just bought a bag of JennieO turkey meatballs. I have to say, we thought they were pretty good. She bought them for the kids, but we liked them as well. They were surprisingly good.

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      I recently tried tried the turkey breast
      (not pre-coooked) and found it very good.

    2. IMO, JennieO turkey bacon is THE best turkey bacon out there. I stumbled upon it in the fall and have never looked back at Louis Rich or Butterball. It has a great texture and flavor, plus it have fewer calories per slice compared to others.

      1. I recently purchased a bag of their frozen turkey breakfast sausage patties, mostly for my son, but I did try one and they are quite good...much less fat & sodium than our usual beloved Jimmy Dean (but I still would buy the JD for our biscuits and gravy...which I only make on rare occasions! LOL!)

        1. Not sure which products you are referring to, but I have had their frozen whole turekys and they are on par with other similar brands. The cranberry-sage turkey at the deli counter is quite good.

          1. During the holidays we tried a put-a-frozen-turkey-in-a-bag-right-into-the-oven Jennie O turkey that was on sale. It was moist, tender, delicious and super convenient.

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              ditto...I cooked their turkey in a bag during the summer and was surprised at how good it was