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Feb 5, 2009 09:55 PM

Ice Cream Sandwich - Making the Biscuit

I am addicted to the biscuit/cookie (whatever the proper name is) part of ice cream sandwiches. Nothing fancy just the good ol' Good Humor kind will do. I was wondering if anyone knew of a good recipe to make them?

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  1. Try this recipe:
    but replace half the brown sugar with granulated sugar, add a half cup of Hershey's dark cocoa powder and increase the milk slightly. Leave the honey out of it and forget about the topping.

    1. The sandwich part taste like whoopie pies to me. I'll bet you could just make whoopie pies with less leavener and get something pretty close.

      1. I worked at an ice cream factory this summer. They are hard cookies and the oreo flavour of thinsations in the 100 calorie packs is the same as the cookies.

        1. Thank you all so much! I will try these methods (know me, I'll try all three of them for err, test purposes.

          1. Hope this isn't too fancy for you:

            I make the dough, then freeze it. When I want a sandwich I cut off the amount of dough needed for two cookies, thaw, then bake. When finished, but after a few minutes of cooling, I slap a scoop of coffee ice cream (the blogger, Homesick Texan, used peanut butter) on one cookie and top with the other cookie. This might just be the perfect dessert. Warm chocolate, cinammon-spiked cookies, cold and creamy coffee ice cream (I use Haagen Dazs), and gooey, melty fissures of chocolate. It's heaven. Oh I wish I could have one right... now.

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              Holy smokes--those look fab! I made peanut butter gelato last week. This would be a perfect vehicle (BIG WHEEL!) for them now that I'm almost out of the chocolate gelato I made.

              That is too funny about Big Wheels. I didn't think they made them anymore because Chief Big Wheels (in the 70s) was an Indian (we didn't say "Native American" back then) and now he's not PC. That was a flashback to my childhood right quick, tho'! Here's a snapshot of the Chief!

              BTW, the dash of cayenne in the PB ice cream is interesting to say the least.