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Blind Lady (SD)

We made it by for the first time tonight. The place was packed and the vibe good. We ordered a caesar salad and the prosciutto pizza - perfect for 2! The beer selection is akin to what you'll find at Toronado, Hamiltons and O'Briens, tho IMO, not as extensive a selection.

Cons - the process. You order from a receptionist/cashier (I couldn't ascertain any other role she played) and they give you a number and a receipt that you then wait in line for a missing bartender to fill beers from. It's kind of beer centric so we were disappointed that it took so dang long to get a beer filled. This is a definite area that needs work.

Pro- community tables. Very cool vibe from mixed parties sitting together. And surprisingly, the noise level wasn't overwhelming.

Pro- Pricing. Decent food for the price. Our salad was $7 and the pizza was $11 and 2 of us were too stuffed to finish it all. Beers were priced similar to the 30th St brew pubs - maybe a bit higher.

Con -Selection... No Stone? Wassup with that? And as far as the beer selection- taps anyway - we found it to be a bit, meh. Had a 30th Street from Green Flash and a glass of Pliney the Elder. Really was hoping for a surprise or two among their tap selection

Overall, we'll be back and watch the progress but at this point, there isn't enough differentiation to give it preference over our more local haunts.

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  1. HAH!

    We were there too, last night. Had pretty much the same experience, and I agree with Mimosa about nearly everything. I'll add- it's a great place to go with your kids. It's not ChuckyCheese- you can actually enjoy the food, and there were plenty of kid with their families.

    We enjoyed it, and will be back.

    1. We went during a "soft opening" and really enjoyed it, I assume most of the kinks will get worked out since it is so new. I love the pizza styles and they use organic stuff when possible. The owner is the old Head Brewer from Stone so maybe he is holding off putting up a Stone beer just to get people talking haha.

      I do think the beers are overpriced, hard to get away with that when there are so many 30th street places that sell the same beers for the same or less, but full pours (Blind Lady does small pours, I assume emulating the euro style).

      1. I thought the pizza was good and I think they do have a solid beer selection. I actually thought it is a bit noisy in there and the beers are a bit overpriced.

        1. I think the beer selection is actually one of the best things they have going. It's all beer that's well-suited to food-pairing. I view that as a big plus. Almost any choice on the menu is going to work well with their food options.

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            I'll agree that the beers we had worked well with the food, but really hoppy beers don't work well at all and they have plenty of those on the list. My problem with their beer selection in general is that there were no surprises or special beers not found elsewhere...and for less money.

          2. I thought the pizza was outstanding. The ingredients are organic and sustainable and the taste, IMO, was great. The beer selection was solid, although as others have mentioned, so many other bars nearby also offer similar, and maybe even better, selections. The beer pricing is definitely not outrageous, if it's a bit higher than other establishments on a per ounce basis, it won't cost you more than a quarter or two per glass. I found the atmosphere by far the nicest of the local beer joints.

            1. What a great little spot. Pizza was excellent -- loved the bits of char on them, the salad was excellent as well. Beer selection was quite good but yes, a bit more expensive than the Toronado or Hamilton's and nothing out of the ordinary.

              What impressed me the most was the price of the food -- my wife and I split a pizza and a salad and we each had a beer and lunch came to $25. (Which was enough to hit up Mariposa Ice Cream a block down Adams)

              Great little place we've now added to our rotation! Can't wait to see what they come up with when they start brewing.

              1. mimosa - i'm with you on the process! we went last weekend and it was so hectic. there is no official list for a table, so people mill about chicken-hawking for a seat. we saw a few folks actually get into an argument over a table. not a good experience.

                when we finally got our table, the past guests' dishes and pizza pans sat dirty on our table for at least 15 minutes. when the busser/GM/bartender/runner came to take the dishes, he also handed us a bar towel and asked if we could clean our own table. lovely.

                when the food did come, it was really good. especially for the price point. but the remnants of their chaotic system and having to stalk people for a table will sit with us for quite a while.

                there is definitely the potential for greatness, but as usual, many kinks need to be worked through. for starters, please hire another devoted bartender. not someone who wears 5 other hats. and a few more busssers at least on busy weekend nights.

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                  We tried it on Sunday and it was not that busy at all when we first got there but by the time we were leaving it had started getting crowded. They definitely have noise issues, to the point where I couldn't hear the people sitting across from me and the person at the next table was yelling to his dining companion.

                  As for the food, we tried 3 of the different pizzas. I thought most were good with some more unique toppings but unlike some people, I didn't think it was the best pizza that I have tried. The pizzas are decent size but for the 3 of us we could have probably made it with 2 but opted for 3 to try more options. I liked the butternut squash one the best, although the arugula piled high on the pesto one was a nice touch.

                  I will probably go back at some point but I am not hooked and will definitely avoid it on Friday and Saturday for a while, as it is supposed to be crazy then.

                2. How many salads does this place serve? We are thinking of checking it out for a friend's birthday, but my husband can't eat gluten (so pizza is out). I am hoping they have hearty salads as an option. I can't seem to find a menu on their website.

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                    They have some salads. They might be able to add stuff to one of them to make it heartier.

                    There's a Ceasar, a spinach salad with bacon and dates, and one other I think.

                    1. re: Josh

                      They have a good Caesar with white anchovies.

                      Anchovies = good.

                      1. re: Fake Name

                        Salads are good but not hearty -- there were three different salads on the menu.