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Feb 5, 2009 08:30 PM

Any recommendations from this year's Whole Hog dinner at Oliveto?

I have a reservation for Friday, 2/6, the last night of this special event dinner (though they apparently will have many of the dishes available over the week-end as well). Anything not to be missed?

Here is a link to last year's menu: Pigapalooza!

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  1. I am too pressed for time for a long post, but I had a nice meal at Oliveto last night. While the food quality was up to its normal high quality, the bacon chop of years past was sorely missed.

    Quick recap:
    -salumi plate - good as always but the wild boar salami was a special standout
    -fried trotter with brains - third appearance on the menu, good as always
    -spiedino of liver with panchetta - grilled perfectly rare and quite tasty
    -spaghetti with pork coppa confit -delightfully spicy, w/vibrantly piquant peppers, highly recommended
    -mostaccioli with ragu - quite cheesy and quite salty, very good, but not a standout dish
    -potatoes fried in pork renderings - delicious comfort
    -tofeja del Canavese - very hearty without being gluttonous, the shoulder therein was delightful
    -zampone braised in saba - almost impossibly heavy and gelatinous, a hulking portion served with a great pureed bean mixture
    -rosemary sorbetto - blindsidingly strong but a very nice palate-cleanser, served w/great shortbread
    -chocolate tart w/candied pancetta - I only tried the pancetta, but that was very very nice

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      Oliveto Cafe
      5655 College Ave., Oakland, CA 94618