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Feb 5, 2009 07:58 PM

coming to Chicago

Can anyone please reccomend a great old fashioned Italian?? Red sauces, clams, etc? Price dosent matter, just the best! thanks

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    1. While Spiaggia is certainly the pinnacle of Chicago's Italian fine dining, it wouldn't be my first recommendation for true, old-fashioned Italian. Its menu items run more towards the refined (e.g. wood-roasted filet of turbot with sunchoke puree, trumpet royale mushrooms and mushroom veal reduction, etc.) than the classic, and its clientele will likely be in fine evening-wear. Don't get me wrong -- Spiaggia's offerings are exquisite, but it will be a different feel (and price tag -- $165 for the tasting menu, pre-wine and -tip) than some of our other Italian haunts.

      My top recommendation for old-fashioned Italian is La Scarola, in West Town ( Welcoming service, generous portions, a cozy storefront, and classic renditions of all the dishes you'd expect (linguine and clams, eggplant parmagiano, and the best calamari I've ever had).

      Of course, there are many casual fine-dining Italian restaurants (Coco Pazzo, Cafe Spiaggia, etc.) on the spectrum between La Scarola and Spiaggia, but if you want authentic, delicious, and filling, I'd go with La Scarola.

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        As a bonus, you get to hang out with gangsters !!

      2. I really enjoy Volare, on Grand a block east of Michigan Ave. Topo Gigio in Oldtown is really good too. Both are fairly moderate in price and seem to be packed most of the time.