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Feb 5, 2009 07:09 PM

Looking for tips on caring for a non stick cook pan

We recently purchased a Faberware non stick pan and are loving it. While I prefer our all clad and cast iron for certain searing jobs, nothing does flaky fish justice like the faberware in my experience.

Now after a few months i have noticed some "light scratches" after washing the pan and, yes one nick. Im not too worried but I feel like I need some tips on caring for the pan. I'm not rough with a spatula when I use any pan but my spatulas are metal - should I get a plastic one? Are there high temp ones any of you recommend? I wash the pan with a soft sponge but since we dont have a dishwasher I think the nick may have come from laying the pan on something sharp on the dish rack. Any help is much appreciated - I can't spare another $50 right now!

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  1. I have a couple of different plastic ones. Fairly descent ones but still very inexpensive. Some are just a bit stiffer. I have two or three for different things and some plastic tongs and a fork too. I use them for eggs, chicken or other foods. I too love my non stick for some things. I use a scrungy made for non stick, it doesn't scratch. And I usually don't put in the dishwasher you can and I have, but I try not too. My one is pretty old and I put just a bit of olive oil on it. I probably didn't do anything other than make it look better but I did anyways. Not much to take care of them. Plastic is good. I also love wooden for when I use it.

    1. Silicone spatula. They're good to have around, anyway, for things like scrambled eggs.

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        Silicone is one of the ones I have. Have a variety. Great to use.

      2. I got a non-stick set a long time ago and it came with its own set of plastic utencils- a spatula, two spoons, and a fork, I believe. My set is still going strong, but I've never used metal on them and always wash with a soft sponge. Typically if something gets stuck onto the pan, I find that once it dries it will usually flake off really easily.

        1. Don't use metal utensils with non-stick.
          You can quickly dry it with low
          heat on the stovetop.