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Feb 5, 2009 06:38 PM

Black Bear Diner

I'm going there for a birthday dinner tomorrow night. I've never heard of the place but apparently it's a chain. Any thing really good on their menu?

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  1. It's a smaller regional chain in the West. It has been a couple of years since I ate at one, but I seem to remember liking the chicken fried steak- it's huge!

    1. It is indeed a chain that is expanding in the West. They started out in Mount Shasta, California several years ago and now even include a store in Bullhead City, Arizona! If you enjoy burgers (as I sure do) try the Bob's Big Bear. It is reportedly a 3/4 pounder all gaffed together by a large steak knife.

      1. We went to the one near Dysart Rd. The food we had was pretty good but the service was terrible. We waited 25 minutes for drinks to arrive. 50 minutes for our meal to get there. I didn't time how long it took the waitress to first come to our table. It took her forever, so that's when I started timing her. There were other problems too with plates not how they were ordered. 4 out 7 people had something wrong with what they ordered . We did speak to the manager and he took $30 off the bill and gave us two free meal vouchers.