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Good/not-pricey Saturday dinner in Cranston/Warwick/EG?

lunacelt Feb 5, 2009 06:28 PM

The friends and I have been on a "new restaurant" kick over the past several weeks and are at a bit of a loss regarding where to hit up this Saturday night. I'm hoping for some $-$$ recommendations for relaxed/very casual restaurants. We're fairly adventurous eaters - it's the quality rather than the genre that matters.

Can anyone help me out with a recommendation for somewhere w/in 10-15 minutes of the EG Showcase?

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    late to dinner RE: lunacelt Feb 5, 2009 07:14 PM

    Several options come to mind:

    1) Meritage: On route 1 near Gardard Park. The food is quite good and reasonable. The pizzas are wood fired and interesting. My family's fav is the baked Mac and Cheese. I have had several menu items and all have been good.

    2) Haruki: Route 5 Cranston. I still think it is the best Japanese restaurant in RI. Reasonable prices great sushi. Decent kitchen.

    3) Macera Soup and Sauce. It is on route 5 in Warwick behind where the Dunkin donuts (now Quiznos) used to be (okay the Quiznos is gone also). Neat little Italian restaurant no one knows about that has great soups.

    4) Grill on Main Street. Perhaps the least well known of the Pinelli restaurants it also might be the most interesting and best.

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      ridave RE: late to dinner Feb 6, 2009 05:53 PM

      We went to Macera tonight. Wow, that was absolutely the WORST Italian dining experience I've had in Rhode Island yet! The 'sauce' is bland, the squid in my squid pasta was as chewy as a rubber band, and the prices were frankly at least 25% more than the 'ambiance' and location deserve, especially for such an obvious lack of quality or effort. Presentation and ambiance are literally on par with your average weenie joint. I would avoid this place like the damn plague.

      1. re: ridave
        late to dinner RE: ridave Feb 7, 2009 05:43 PM

        I am sorry Dave. I had lunch their on Thursday...I just had soup (minestone) and a salad and it was quite good. The restaurant has been there a long time and has a good following. It is not fancy and does not claim to be. The poster asked about inexpensive places. It was one I have been going to for a long time.

    2. k
      kidschef RE: lunacelt Feb 6, 2009 08:29 AM

      Pals in east Greenwich. It's a little hole in the wall Red sauce Italian, with a little bit of everything else thrown in. The food is excellent, it's relaxed and a nice place to be. I'd eat there all the time if my husband would let me.

      1. r
        RIRN2008 RE: lunacelt Feb 6, 2009 09:39 AM

        We love Meritage - the food is excellent, and we love their pizzas! I also agree with the Grill on Main, very good there as well as another Pinelli's restaurant, Twist, which is near Warwick Mall. There is also Cucina Mista in EG - I think it's pretty new, but the food was wonderful. If you don't mind driving a bit, there is Elizabeth's Portofino on Post Road in Warwick - we have yet to have a bad meal there!

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          Sean RE: RIRN2008 Feb 9, 2009 05:09 AM


        2. f
          FjmArch RE: lunacelt Feb 9, 2009 08:24 AM


          1. Uncle Sushi - Resevoir Ave. north of Park Ave. Not much to look at but the sushi is outstanding.

          2. L'Osteria Ristorante - Cranston Street (knightsville) Great authentic Italian fare. If you like seafood try the "cioppino". The chicken under a brick is fantastic as well.

          3. Thai Orchad - Park Ave, Just East of Pontiac Ave.


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          1. re: FjmArch
            ridave RE: FjmArch Feb 21, 2009 05:18 PM

            I'll second Uncle Sushi for sure, good quality for the price, has to be the least expensive sushi in the state. And it's about a block away from Hon's House of Noodles, which also gets my vote for cheap eats.

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