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Feb 5, 2009 06:01 PM

BBQ in Kilgore

I am heading up to the Kilgore area for one day next week. Any recommendations for a good BBQ joint in the area?

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  1. Country Tavern, for sure. On 31 between Kilgore and Tyler.

    1. Country Tavern is alright but if you want some good Texas BBQ you can try Carter's in Longview. If you want to stay in town, Kilgore just opened up a Big Dave's BBQ in downtown Kilgore that has good pork ribs and the hot pucker is for those that brought their second stomach. Other than Big Dave's, Kilgore has a Bodacious that is on the outskirts of town on 42. The brisket would be my first choice and the ribs are just as good but a bit on the smaller side.