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Feb 5, 2009 05:35 PM

Daughter's 19th Birthday Dinner

I'll be in Boston in a few weeks to celebrate my daughter's 19th birthday, along with my 16 year old daughter. We'll be staying in the Copley area. I am looking for restaurant recs in that area, or convenient to the T. Any type of food is fine, except my daughter doesn't care for French bistro type places. Not too worried about price, but would like someplace upscale that is fun and lively, but with good food (we've raised our kids to be foodies).

Any suggestions?

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  1. On the T in Boston: Eastern Standard
    On the T in Cambridge: Upstairs on the Square

    1. Hamersley's is a reasonable walk or a very short cab ride from Copley. Don't be dissuaded by the word "bistro" in the restaurant name: this is a fine dining room, though fairly relaxed. Do a search, there's plenty here about this place.
      Or try No 9 Park, for a place that feels more special occasiony (Park St T top).

      1. You might want to scout out Sorrelina. It is a beautiful/trendy room and and they are right in Copley. I think their food is excellent as well.

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          Second Sorrelina. Our teenager loved Davio's in Park Square as did the adults. They have a world class sommelier and a large menu. It's an Italian steakhouse.

          1. re: ginnyhw

            Based on only one visit, I'm not a fan of the food at Davios. I thought of Sorellina, too, for convenience, but thought it might be a bit precious for teenagers. I could be wrong, of course, and I'm looking forward to trying it myself.

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              Sorellina's menu looks wonderful, but you are right, it is a bit more than I'd like to spend on dinner. I'd like to keep the entrees to under $30.

              1. re: valmar

                There are 2 other places you might want to scout out. Both "less formal" is Coda (on the corner of Columbus and daughters might like. Both are also within easy walking distance "of Copley".

                1. re: stradacouple

                  Of places not mentioned yet, Da Vinci is nice and I prefer it to Davios and Orinoco, a walk or cab ride is delightful and off-beat (venezualan, south american) and friendly.

                  1. re: teezeetoo

                    We have been to Da Vinci 3x and to be honest the food is good enough, but the decor is lacking " in a big way".......I think the chef should find another location and another interior desgner.

                  2. re: stradacouple

                    What is your other recommendation?

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. I go to Northeastern University and there is a great little place called Woody's Grill and Tap that is nearby- within walking distance to Copley. It's maybe not a true "special occasion" place but the pizza is great (meaning brick-oven gourmet style), the desserts are really good, the atmosphere is comfortable (family-safe but still fun) and it's reasonably there is hardly a wait except during red sox season. I'd go there with my fam.