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Feb 5, 2009 05:21 PM

Need a suggestion for something different in the WC/Mainline/Phoenixville area


I'd like some suggestions for a Chesco area restaurant for (hopefully) tomorrow (Friday) night. We're going out with friends and really enjoy trying different restaurants. Some of our current favorites include: High Street Caffe, Alegria, 4 dogs tavern (our favorite comfortable place), Ludwigs (great snapper soup and $1 oysters on Wednesdays), the Columbia, the Black Lab, The Epicurian and the crepes place in Phoenixville, etc. We've also been to Twin Bays and Majolica with less than stellar results and Savona (favorite) and Birchrunville (wonderful), but would like something less pricey for tomorrow. Any recommendations would be appreciated. A couple of places we're considering are: Cosimo and the Black Lab, but would like other options.

Thanks in Advance,


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      1. http://www.avalonrestaurant.net

        4 course Giro del Menu "Tour of the Menu" $37

        Incedible chhese and cured meat display!

        1. Alba in Malvern is also quite good, sorry do not have website

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            i've been to both marley's and alba's and both were great. either would be a good choice for dinner with friends.

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              Thanks all,

              We narrowed it down to Marley's, Alba or Cosimo (http://www.cosimorestaurant.com/). Now the trick will be getting a reservation at one of them for around 7pm. Wish me luck.

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                I would skip Cosimo. They are rather pricy for the food they offer. We went there several times and always left a little disappointed.

                Alba on the other hand is one of our favorites. They also offer a great tasting menu during the week and they are BYOB!

                Good luck.

          2. If you're up for Asian, you might want to try Green Papaya in Exton, or Bunha Faun in Frazer. Both are reasonably priced and both are BYO. Also, although it doesn't happen to be one of MY favorites, Whip, a British pub in the heart of Chesco horsey country (a little north of Unionville) has gotten some really favorable reviews here. Your mention of Four Dogs, which I do like, reminded me of that.

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              Went to Alba last week....great meal. Did the tasting...5 courses, $60...well worth it. Definetly on the same level as Blackfish in terms of food.

              Forget Cosimo. Everyone please forget Cosimo. This place is entirely worthless. They call themselves a "wine bar" but don't seem to have anyone in there that knows anything about wine. Their food never quite lives up the menu descriptions....which leads to their prices being way too high. Dessert are the only thing worthwhile in there. I heard a rumor the place is for sale.