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Feb 5, 2009 05:12 PM

Enchilada Sauce?

I have a recipe I want to do that calls for Enchilada Sauce. I have looked in multiple stores and cant find it. What is this and can I make this at home .

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  1. Any grocery store as far as all of my down here carry it in the Mexican aisle. Also whole food does and also any Mexican store or grocer. You can make it at home too. I have before, but it has been a while and don't have the recipe anymore. I truly don't use it too much and when I do I buy it.

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      Are you from NYC or familiar with the grocery stores/shopping here? It would seem relevant in answering the question.

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        I have lived up there for a few short months now and then. I was there just recently with a friend and made dinner. This is where I made the flat tacos, another post. I found premade sauce enchillada. I was just a regular grocer. Sorry can't remember the name, but just an average store. My friend lives up there and continues to make my recipe and buys the sauce so someone obviously carrys it. Besides I also said that every store down here seems to carry it. I am sure every region is different. I didn't mean every store in NY would. I just know I found it before and so has my friend and I would think most would carry it.

      1. I have also found enchilada sauce to be a frequently elusive grocery item! It seems like such a staple everywhere else in the country, you'd think New Yorkers would have easy access to it, but no.

        If it's not in the Mexican aisle of your grocers I occasionally find it with salsas or canned vegetables. I know Fairway and Associated both carry it.

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          All my salsas and canned veggies are next to the Mexican. Seems wierd it would not be available.

        2. Canned enchilada sauce? Why? Easy to make.

          I saute some onion and garlic (personal taste dictates amounts) in olive oil, I add a tablespoon of HOT chili powder (pure, not that stuff McCormick's sells) again personal taste dictates. a tablespoon of flour and saute until flour is brown, add chicken, vegetable broth stirring until thick as you want it add fresh or dried oregano according to personal taste and viloa! Simple and delicious enchilada sauce. Salt may be added also, again you know the routine.

          You're welcome.

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            Like I mentioned, I make it very seldom and when I do it is usually last minute. Like I have 20 minutes for dinner on the table. I usually keep a jar in the cabinet so I pick up some tortillas, sour cream I usually have, avacado always, onion and beef always, lettuce always, tomato and the rest. 15 minutes and dinner. I have made my own and yes easy. but just down always have time. Dinner is sometimes a 15 min notice and 30 min later dinner has to be on the table ... That is why I keep sauce on hand at times. I do like home made better. But as little as I make it, canned is ok unless a nice dinner party. That is different. But a 15 min dinner at home for some of my kids friends is fine for me.

          2. just bought some enchi sauce at the grocery store since I love making cheese/ground beef/chicken enchi's and I use El Pato red enchilada was on sale for $1.15 for the big can..
            I really like this me it has just the right spices.
            Las Palmas red sauce is spicy, even if it is labeled can take over a dish..