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Feb 5, 2009 05:10 PM

Tail O' Pup

Driving up San Vicente the other day and seeing an empty parking lot where my favorite hotdog stand used to be (after it was moved from La Cienega)...I can't imagine anyone just destroying the structure...any chance of a reappearance or anyone with any info on this? ..."frankly," i don't see why it had to go in first and second place.

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  1. Well, if you do a search on this board I do believe you will find a few post about what happened to this landmark. In short they lost the right to use the parking lot so the owner put it in storage with the hopes of finding a new location. But since then nothing has happened, which is a shame.
    As to the reason why it had to go...plain and simple... RENT increases!

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    1. re: nrique

      I always pictured it running away from the hungry hordes, screaming in terror - the same way you see the animated hot dog do in the Der Wienerschnitzel ad that runs on TV.

      1. re: nrique

        bummer -- now a vacant spot too.

      2. My hope is that it can find a spot adjacent to Randy's Donuts, so we have two architectural landmarks within sight of the freeway near LAX.

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        1. re: nosh

          That is a very good idea. Another location like that would be near the Donut Hole in LA Puente.

          See link below for Photo of both Randy’s and the Donut Hole (which is across the street from a classic two-lane In’ N Out.

          Donut Hole (Drive thru the Donut Hole for apple fritters, bear claws, twist, glazed, cake donuts)
          15300 Amar Rd
          LA Puente, CA 91744-2004
          (626) 968-2912
          Open 24/7. 1 block West of Hacienda Blvd. Across from the cool old two lane In-n-Out drive thru – You will not miss it!.

          Another landmark that is gone is the "Boat." That old Boat is being replaced with a big new Sports Bar which will have the same great chili burgers. I wonder what they did with the old steel boat? Now that should be found and placed together with that Hot Dog building. I hoped they would at least dock the old boat in front of the new place but they are currently building a Disneyland style replica of it on Resemead Blvd. just south of Huntington. This proves rthat even if the owners make damm good chili burgers and steaks, and fish & chips, they have No taste for tradition.

          1. re: nosh

            I hope it can move back to this neighborhood; the architecture of the dogs were terrific too, like the boston celtic with baked beans and onions and cheese on top, or their chili dogs and burgers...carney's a bit further not quite as tasty.