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Mar 30, 2004 12:06 AM

Arturo's mexican restaurant in Lomita -- any good?

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Growing up in Gardena my folks used to like taking us to Arturo's mexican restaurant in Lomita. Very 60s kind of building with asian touches. The food I remember was not so authentic. The place is still there and looks great but I'm not sure I want to give it a try.

Has anyone been there recently? What's the food like?

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  1. I've been about a year or so ago. Nothing inspiring, just your typical inexpensive mexican diner fare.

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    1. re: Xericx

      I've been a few times, last visit within the last six months or so. The food is average, as far as South Bay Mexican goes. Better than El Coyote (what isn't), but no where near as good as some other independent places.

      The one thing I like is the decor -- it reminds of Disneyland/It's a Small World/70s Sunset Magazine, if that makes any sense...

      1. re: Joe B.

        Never been there, but can recommend a true hound experience at Luis Burrito Jr west of Western on Pacific Coast Hwy. Truly delicious mexican food at very inexpensive prices. No decor though.

        1. re: non veg

          Do you mean El Burrito Jr.? Yes, that location is becoming a local institution. Their R.B. location has already attained that status.

          1. re: Joe B.

            El Burrito Jr. rocks!

    2. I can't figure the place out. I've eaten there about 4 times over the last 15 years. Everytime I thought the food was awful. To make matters worse, they didn't have a liquor liscense. At least they should get you drunk before trying to pass-off that bad Mexican food (El Cholos figured that out a long time ago).

      The hard part to figure-out is why its always crowded.

      No kidding -- the average taco truck has better food.


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      1. re: Adlai

        "The hard part to figure-out is why its always crowded."

        Arturo's and Red Onion are about the only two Mexican restaurants that are close to RPV, PVE, you know, the Hill People. That's about as far as they're willing to drive.


        1. re: Joe B.

          Hey that's not nice! ;)

          There is also El Paso Cantina in Torrance (on Sepulveda blvd. near Alrington). I prefer going there.