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Feb 5, 2009 05:05 PM

Best tasting menu in Miami?

Hi, my husband and I have one free night in Miami (we have two little kids who will be with the grandparents) for a fantastic night out. We live in NYC and our favorite restaurants there are WD-50, Momofuko Ko and Jean Georges. I loooove tasting menus. Any suggestions?

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  1. I think all menus pretty much taste alike... havent found any with flavored paper here.
    (Sorry, I just had to. The thread title was just too tempting).

    At any rate, although it's not a tasting menu, we found sharing 1/2 orders and small plates at Michy's to be just the thing when we landed here last week (from NYC of course). Nothing like any of the 3 places you mentioned... more like Hearth, cost wise as well. I think Michael's may also do it, although we havent been there.

    1. There are few Miami restaurants that do multi-course tasting menus like you are thinking of. Particularly since you mention wd~50, you would probably be interested in the once-a-week dinners they do at the Trump Miami which they call "Paradigm - The Test Kitchen," which are usually ~10-course menus that play with contemporary cooking techniques. More info in these posts ->

      Talula's menu indicates that they will do a 7-course tasting menu, but the actual menu is not listed and you may want to confirm in advance that they're offering it. Other than that, many of the best restaurants in town are generally more casual and don't offer a set tasting menu - however, the trend is toward smaller dishes which often enables you to sort of create your own tasting menu if you so choose. At Michy's, almost everything on the menu is available in 1/2 portions and I'll usually order 3 1/2 portions or split a number of items for the table. Michael's Genuine Food & Drink likewise has a number of "small plates," as does Pacific Time. Michelle Bernstein's new restaurant, Sra. Martinez, is Spanish tapas-style and again you can typically order 3-4 dishes per person.

      These are all among my favorite places in town.

      The menu at Palme d'Or in the Biltmore in Coral Gables is geared toward a 3-4 course structure, but I've never tried it. Casa Tua and Loftin's at Casa Casuarina, both on South Beach, also offer tasting menus, but I've not tried them either. Comments on the food at Casa Tua are somewhat mixed, though everyone loves the ambience. I've seen some favorable comments on Loftin's, which is fairly new. Another which I haven't tried is Romeo's Cafe on Coral Way, which is more traditional Italian, no set menu, chef supposedly asks each diner their preferences and makes a multi-course dinner for each diner.

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        We did Talula's tasting menu a few weeks ago. We didn't specify that we were doign the when we made our reservation and the waiter doublechecked with the kitchen to make sure he would have time to do it. If you definitely want to try the tasting menu, I'd note that when making your reservation just to be safe.

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            I'll try to get one written this afternoon. I've been stuck at work the last couple of days.

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          Thank you so much for the Paradigm-Test Kitchen recommendation. It looks to be EXACTLY what we were looking for and I just made a reservation - they now do them on Friday nights which is the one night we had available, so it worked our perfectly. I'll be sure to report back :)

        2. There are no equivalents to these places here.

            1. The tasting menus at Talula are written ala minute they are always changing. They feature specials and creations the chefs have been working on that night. A majority of the courses are usually items not featured on the ala carte menu. A reservation is helpful for planning purposes but not required.

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                Got In trouble with the moderator. Sorry I did not mention before that I am the Sous Chef of Talula.

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                  The one that was there on Superbowl Sunday? If so, we had a great meal. Thanks.

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                    Yeah I was there that night. Glad to hear you had a good time.