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Feb 5, 2009 04:32 PM

Dinner at Chinnar on Sat - any suggestions?

Hello! I am taking my two sisters to Chinnar (in Berwyn) this Saturday, but I have never been there before... and honestly, I don't know much about Indian cuisine (other than I like it). Does anyone have any suggestions for dinner - items we shouldn't miss, how much to order, etc?

Thanks so much!

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  1. since i don't work out there anymore, i haven't been to chinnar or any of the other nearby indian places in ages.

    i swear you cannot overorder at an indian place! if you end up with extra entree (and likely you will if you order 1 per person) it tastes BETTER the next day when you reheat it!

    one thing i do remember being pretty good at chinnar was their saag paneer (spinach and cheese, basically). i'm not always a fan of that dish, but theirs was good (granted, it's been about a year). generally speaking, at indian places one of my favorite things to order is a paneer tikka masala, which is basically cheese in a spicy sauce. malai kofta is another group favorite. definitely try some appetizers, samosas and maybe a chat appetizer if they have one. and order a couple breads with your entrees - nan, roti, etc. i love garlic nan.

    let us know how it is! :)

    1. Just came back to this thread and noticed that you didn't report back on your Saturday dinner! How was it?

      A recent trip to Chinnar for me was very satisfactory. I was amazed that the place hasn't raised its prices in at least one year, AND ... has added items to its lunch buffet, such as soup. Granted it tasted like Campbell's canned tomato soup (with the addition of cream), but having such a soup is a nice addition to its buffet, particularly on colder days. I also saw a few additions to its small salad offering like a few condiments like chick peas, croutons, and cucumbers.

      I was reminded of several things on a recent visit - the great value for one's food dollar (in addition to the variety of food at the buffet, the ambience of the place is very pleasant - soft music, linen table covering) - during a recent weekday trip, here's what they had - in addition to the many buffet dishes (chana masala, saag paneer, potato/green beans, dal makhani, two other dough type dishes in sauces, curry chicken, chicken tikka masala, tandoori chicken, naan, rice, many chutneys, raita), there were also samosas (thoughtfully cut in half to make the taking of them easier as far as portion control goes), pakoras, masala chai, AND mango lassi!

      I overlooked the sparsity of desserts given the variety and satisfying taste and freshness of everything else. I consumed the mango lassi at the end of the meal as though it was dessert. It was as satisfying as any of the other desserts (kheer, galub jamun, orange slices) would have been.

      I really enjoyed the rice (it did not taste oily at all, and each kernel was separated from each other). The pakoras were done perfectly. All too often, restaurants produce oily versions of these. The chana masala was mildly flavored, covered in a healthy amount of cilantro leaves, as was the saag paneer.

      For some reason, the cooks at Chinnar find it acceptable to make saag paneer with barely a hint of any spices. To me, it tasted like pureed spinach with cheese cubes with little of any other flavoring. The potato/green bean dish was made without the excessive amount of oil that some other restaurants resort to using.

      The three different chicken dishes were tasty.

      The host and server were hospitable.

      The fact that I left not feeling "stuffed" was testament partly to the manner in which these foods were prepared. The other part was due to a more judicious manner in which I ate!

      I do wonder if Chinnar increases the spice at dinner time.

      Anyone been to Royal India since they expanded their space? Is their lunch buffet the same? With the economy being what it is, I wonder if these restaurants are affected (other than Taste of India raising its prices by $2 for the lunch buffet). I would have thought Chinnar would have been more crowded on the day I was there - as it was, it was filled to 50% capacity. Given the great value for one's lunch dollar, the selections one gets at this place for $8.99 is outstanding.