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Feb 5, 2009 04:01 PM

Large group dinner this Sat evening

Due to a recent death in the family, we are getting together in San Francisco this Saturday for a "celebration of life." There will be roughly 10-12 people. We are staying at the Hotel Adagio at 550 Geary St. I was hoping to eat at the hotel at Cortez but apparently it is full.

People dining range from the adventurous to the very conservative "meat and potatoes" folks from the midwest and Wyoming (where, in fact, a lot of the people are from). I was thinking that Cortez could split the difference nicely for this kind of group. I would appreciate reasonable alternatives in this region of the city that might be able to handle group this size. Thanks.

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  1. Scala's Bistro might be a good choice. Not particularly adventurous, but the food is good and it's big enough for a large group.

    Scala's Bistro
    432 Powell St., San Francisco, CA 94102

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      I think my wife has it handled. The concierge may get us in to Cortez and we will check your option, too. Thanks.

    2. If you are down to eat late, Zaré at the Fly Trap is running a special promotion. If you book a table of ten at ten o'clock or later, they will knock 50% off your food bill.