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Feb 5, 2009 01:44 PM

Springwater Bistro - Saratoga Springs

My wife and I had a very disappointing meal at one of our (past) favorite restaurants in Saratoga where we have often eaten, recommended and given dinner parties.
Her entree was poorly prepared and marginally edible. I found out afterward that she hesitated to send it back because she did not want me to dine alone.
She called the next day to express her dissatisfaction. After six days and several calls, we had no response from the chef/owner or management. We called again this evening and the person in charge made no effort to keep a good customer.
I am saddened to say that I can no longer recommend Springwater Bistro. It is unfortunate that in these difficult economic times, they were not more sensitive to trying to keep a customer.

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  1. How sad to hear about the lack of customer service. I also put this up for one of my most highly recommended places to eat in Saratoga although we did have one bad experience with veal cheeks once that seemed very similar to yours. I will also cross it off the list until I hear otherwise. I agree, with money tight, why bother with a place that cannot come up with an I'm sorry and how can I make it better......

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      I'll keep you posted if they ever respond.

    2. Must agree--Springwater wasn't a place my husband and I frequented, but we sure had some fantastic meals there. We went there for Restaurant week in Dec and it was horrid. I had made reservations, we showed up, the restaurant was NOT busy, and we waited 10-15 minutes for a table. We actually were discussing leaving when they finally sat us.

      As for our meal, mediocre at best. The dessert, creme brulee, indescribable. My husband literally was like, "blech" and I thought he was being silly....took a bite, and it was inedible. We won;t be going back. A shame.

      1. Although it's been awhile since I was there, I would have to agree. We started out enjoying this place for the most part but by our last visit it had declined to the point where we won't bother with it despite the fact that it is only a few doors down from where we stay in Saratoga. There are to many good places in Saratoga to try and we are usually only there a few nights.

        1. Steve Barnes's blog announced today that the Springwater Bistro is closing at the end of May: .

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            Very sad; used to have a great tapas and tasting menu. Amazing how intuitive and clarvoyant CH'ers are, however.