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Feb 5, 2009 01:36 PM

Searching for Mofungo

Looking for the best and outstanding mofungo in San Juan - upscale and downscale

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  1. Do a search on this board, but it 's spelled "mofongo".

    1. Went to allegedly one of the best places in San Juan, recommended here and by our guide too as a local favorite. off a pretty square with a statue. Many people tried different versions and the unanimous verdict was a tasteless, disgusting gut bomb. And expensive too. They menu did say it came as either plantian or cassava, perhaps at different times of the year. I am assuming we got a cassava version. Bland and gluey. Worthless sauces, And disgusting pieces of brittle meat. Avoid at all costs. Sorry, I wanted to like it.

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        The best Mofongo in town is in El Bejucal, Just ask for the carne frita with mofongo and you will love it. It cost $6.50 without the tax(7%). There owners are Danny and Massiel, they are nice people. The place is noisy with the bachata but you can ask the owners to a lower volume. Tell them that the artisan baker friend told you, and please leave me a paid medalla.($1.25) for the tip :-). The tostones are superb too, and the churrasco in the grill. The most expensive plate there is a seafood plate $12.00 without the tax.
        Location: Americo Miranda 1650 You can order to pick up at (787)782-5106, they dont speak good english, better to go in person. Looks like insecure place, but its very secure.Trust me.