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Feb 5, 2009 01:30 PM

Valentine's Day menus?

For those of you cooking at home this year, what's on the menu?

I'm fine with lot's of prep time, but would like to limit clean-up after the meal.

Any braising ideas? (That way the pot and leftovers go right into the fridge).

I'm also thinking about making pasta, though not sure I've practiced enough for it to be a go-to on an occasion like this.

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  1. Hi! we went to the farmers market this morning and bought wild black cod, $17/lb. Our anniversary is tomorrow, so that's when we're having our special meal. Black cod stands up well to asian spicy, and the texture is divine.

    What about osso bucco? Have not tried this particular recipe, but love the site: Good luck! I LOVE men who cook!

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      bamallorca it says page not found.

    2. How about short ribs? I think they are the most "special occasion" of braises especially if made with lots of red wine.

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        I thought about short ribs, but for some reason in my mind it doesn't scream Valentine's Day. Maybe I should give it a second thought.

      2. I am browsing my new Hazan cookbook for ideas

        1. Brined pork butt, rubbed with herbs and spices, then braised slowly for several hours and served with almond mashed potatoes and asparagus spears. For dessert, heart shaped individual almond cakes with with fresh berries and brandy fortified strawberry syrup and caffe latte. .

          1. We're having osso bucco over saffron risotto. Yum!