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Feb 5, 2009 01:24 PM

Three nights in Seattle

I am headed to Seattle in April from Chicago and need some help. I have three nights there, and was thingking this, but could use some feedback. I am overwhelmed by places that look great. I don't want to blow the bank, but I do want some great experiences and local flavors.

The first night I am alone and hope to find a good place for sushi. Shiros? Other really great solo dining options for me?

The second night my boyfriend joins me and I was thinking of doing Union. Still great there? Feedback? It seems like a pretty good deal actually...

So, that leaves the next night. I wanted to see other neighborhoods and will probably go out along Pike street that night. Quinn's was on my mind.

So many others that I wanted to try: Pinxto's, Cafe Campagne, Lark, Le Pichet, Restaurant Zoe, and others. I have Saturday lunch to fill in, but that's about it and thought I might just wander around Pike Place Market and find food.


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  1. The first night at Shiro's sounds like a winner... I have dined solo at UMI sake house for sushi and had a great time solo at the sushi bar.

    The Union idea is a good one

    For the other night- You could do the Queen Anne neighborhood and eat at How to Cook a Wolf -or the Ballard neighborhood and do Ocho or La Carta De Oaxaca- or the Wallingford neighborhood and do Joule, Sutra, or Tilth

    I have been to and enjoyed or heard good things about Lark, Le Pichet, and Zoe. You could wander the market early and taste things many places and then end with a late lunch at Le Pichet- that would be a perfect day- that or lunch at Matt's in the Market.

    I think by Pinxto's you mean Txori- which is fun but would be great as a starter before moving on a few hours later to another restaurant.

    Also, you might want to take a look at Spur-

    1. If you are considering lunch at Pike Place and want to do a sit-down meal rather than street food I would recommend The Steelhead Diner. Two items I love are their Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich and Fried Beecher's Cheesecurds. Decent wine list and full bar also.

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        Everything the OP mentions is quite good, indicative of thorough research. Lark and Union are first rate for romantic dinners with great food. Zoe's food is very good, but its atmosphere is louder and less intimate. You get a different, less expensive take on the Zoe people's bag at Quinn's, which I prefer.

        I always mention Saito's as a less expensive Belltown sushi alternative to Shiro's; at Umi I think you are paying for a scene more than the fish, but its not bad either.

        In Belltown, I'm really feeling Spur these days, for food and cocktails. Txori is Belltown also, and I agree with others that it is better as a place for a couple bites as opposed to a full meal. For a basque/spanish meal you can go to Harvest Vine (Madison Valley) or Olivar (Capitol Hill).

        With three days, I think it worthwhile to travel outside of Belltown and Pike Pace; Seattle's neighborhoods have their own distinctive character. If you are willing to travel to Fremont or Tangletown, you could do sushi at Chiso/Kappo or Kisaku, both of which I like a bit more than Shiro's. Not so much Tangletown, but Wallingford (10 blocks south) and Fremont have some nightlife as well. But if you could only pick one place outside the Downtown core, Capitol Hill has probably the most going on at night, and its quite close, walkable maybe.

      2. I recommend Boat Street Cafe for your more romantic dinner. It's more beautiful than Union (although Union is good food, if a bit spendy). I would also recommend Tamarind Tree for good upscale Vietnamese Food (Seattle is an Asian center). In Pike Place, Jack's Fish and Chips is an old-school outdoor (under the covered market roof, though) place. If you're mobile, and want good Indian or Chinese, head east to Bellevue: Mayuri for Indian, or Facing East Taiwan food.

        1. These are all great comments. I will add Saito's to consider! So many places and so little time!

          1. Read this thread before a weekend Seattle trip and my daughter and I went to Quinn's on Sunday night. Other than frites that were salted to a ridiculous extreme the meal was outstanding, the beer list excellent and the prices were reasonable.
            Chowhound comes through again.