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Feb 5, 2009 12:54 PM

dashi in Houston?

Does anyone know where I can find dashi, or dashi granules in Houston? I went to Hong Kong Market and they said they don't stock it (although they stock Miso). I haven't found it at H-E-B, either.

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  1. Try Kazy's Gourmet on Bellaire Blvd, I think it's around Kirkwood/Wilcrest, on the north side of the street. Lots of Japanese food items.

    1. There's an Asian community and several restaurants and stores (at least one is a big, full-blown grocery) either on Fuqua or Scarsdale, in the vicinity of Beamer. I'm sorry I can't remember a name.
      I bought Dashi at one of them. It is Shimaya brand (made in Japan) "Bonito Flavored" Soup Stock, and comes 10 bags (2 tsp each) to a box. Warning: Contains MSG. $2.69/box.

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        Update: It's the big Hong Kong Grocery on Scarsdale at Beamer where I just saw some, at least three kinds. Down the road to the east, the smaller My Quang Food Market at Scarsdale and IH-45 has similar items, but this time I couldn't find any dashi there.

      2. Actually, I've seen it in Central Market Dallas. Good luck. I can't believe you are having a hard time finding it. I think dashi comes in most tempura mixes, but I could be wrong. It's what you use to make the tempura sauce.

        1. I don't know if they actually have dashi, but you can try the Japanese market off of Westheimer by the Beltway called Nippon Daido. I think that's the name.

          1. I just went to Central Market Dallas and saw the bonito dashi (dashi is just Japanese soup stock and there are different types...kombu, mushroom, bonito, etc). If you go to the a CM Partner ask for the "Shibuyu bonito soup stock." Good luck. If you get really desperate, you can order it online at I've ordered some products from them. Their selection of dashi is much greater...kombu and katsuo which I believe is bonito.