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Feb 5, 2009 12:18 PM

cin - cin ...Fort Myers FL.

Was just visiting,last week in Fort Myers and friends took me to cin - cin in Fort Myers near Macgregor Ave .It is one of the best in the area .Some price fixing ,but also complete menue .The food is first class .I know because I an a food whore who is a snob when it comes to good eats .The wait staff is a little light ,but try it will like it .Great happy hour

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  1. What big1515 said about Cin Cin, is true, and things have since changed, but not the fine quality!
    A few months ago, it recreated itself from a Mediterranea Bar and Grill to, now, the Cin Cin Gastro Pub, and it's even better now.

    There's over 40 tapas, many good beers and wines at low markups, and the meals are very affordable and delicious. I've a write up at:


    The pricing is way less than before, and one can have a gourmet entree at dinner for under $10. There's burgers, foie gras, vbegetarian offerning, gyros type lamb, on and on. Highly recommended.

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      just went tonight and had a wonderful time. Monday through Thurs they have a special menu with sevreral tapas and you get to pick 3 for 10 bucks. It was all yummy!