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Feb 5, 2009 12:04 PM

New Orleans couple in Dallas for a Weekend. Need Recs

My girlfriend and I will be visiting my sister in Dallas from Friday 2-13 until Sunday 2-15. I'm looking for a lot of help. I need a dinner rec for Friday. Breakfast and lunch for Saturday (my sister already made reservations at the Mercury for Saturday night). And breakfast and lunch or just brunch on Sunday. I'm looking for the best of what Dallas has got to offer. Whether that is expensive,cheap or somewhere in between it doesn't matter. I'd love to get a mix of both. Someone please plan out my meals.
ps. We aren't big wine drinkers so please don't rec somewhere JUST because of the wine is the top priority here. Thanks

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  1. what part of town and how adventurous are you?

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      Downtown/park cities/around SMU, but we have a car so we can drive anywhere. We will eat pretty much anything.

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        I'd recommend at least one good Mexican/Tex-Mex meal at either El Ranchito or La Palapa Veracruza, probably for lunch, that way you get the Oak Cliff experience too. It's a good chance to experience a fresh handmade corn tortilla, if you don't know what they're like. There's pretty good Vietnamese in New Orleans so no point in recommending that. So maybe Japanese, either Tei An or Tei Tei Robata. Or maybe York St. or Local or even Stephen Pyles if you're into that sort of thing.

    2. Brunch on sunday: Dream Cafe or Henk's.