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Feb 5, 2009 11:36 AM

Scottsdale- Pure Sushi reviews?

Anyone been to Pure Sushi
Is it a good place, are there better options in the area. Not looking too much for the scene just good fresh sushi mostly interested in nigiri, sashimi not so much the crazy rolls. Thx

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  1. Yes, Pure is in N. Scottsdale and can have a bit of a scene on the weekend. However, this place is excellent and the best sushi in N. Scottsdale. They do have some good very creative rolls. Yet, when I go, I try to sit at the sushi bar and let the chefs go to work on very good, fresh fish. The nigiri is excellent and fresh. The supporting food is solid - the salads, soups, and apps plus the dinner menu is pretty good. The service is usually excellent and you really can't go wrong here. Just an FYI, I live nearby and this place does great carry out and the fish is always fresh.

    1. I would agree, this is the best and most fresh sushi in Scottsdale. I ate there last weekend and was very pleased.

      However, they were out of Toro and was told they seldom have any...bummer.

      1. Are you talking about the Old Town new location, or the North Scottsdale location? Either way, I have had nothing but great, fresh fish and a very good experience. Scene is different, which is why I ask.

        Highly recommended...just be prepared to wait and perhaps be stared at a bit while waiting, esp at the north location :)

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          I'm talking the North Scottsdale location which I assume would be more of a scene. Thanks for replies sounds like definitely worth going.

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            The "scene" is worse in old town, its really not there in N. Scottsdale, especially non-Saturday night. The economy is knocking the scene down everywhere these days..