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Feb 5, 2009 11:25 AM

Scottsdale restos--- fun for kids too

Coming to Scottsdale in June. Bringing grand kids who are 9 and 13. They pretty much eat anything, but would like some diversion with restos that are fun for kids but not the typical chains or pizza joints. Was thinking of Pinnacle Peak or something on that order, different and fun.
Any suggestions?

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  1. With the kids, and the HEAT in June, you might want to try Farrelli's at Scottsdale Rd./Thunderbird area. They are a Dining Theater and are not a chain. They show the latest movies - but you can eat full meals while enjoying the movie! It's got a great retro/art deco feel that's fun for the kids and the adults.

    Another not as close place to try is Rawhide (they used to be in Scottsdale but have now moved south of Phoenix just off the I-10). When in Scottsdale, their picnic table restaurant had fantastic steaks and rugged grub/entertainment - hope it's still the same!

    Farrelli's Cinema Supper Club
    14202 N Scottsdale Rd # 114, Scottsdale, AZ

    5700 W North Loop Rd, Chandler, AZ 85226

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      What is your opinion of Pinnacle Peak? I have read some good things about that place too.

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        Wasn't there another thread you started with the same discussion?

        1. re: aaronling

          Just about to post that. :-)

          Also, the OP might consider giving the search function a whirl to see what comes up.

          My guess is that most local hounds aren't patronizing gimmicky tourist spots like Rawhide and Pinnacle Peak on a regular basis, so repeatedly asking this question and/or bumping these threads is unlikely to generate much, if any, new information.

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            But see I brought it up again and did get some more responses. People forget or think all the questions have been answered. Lucky me.

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              I would suggest you comment on the last thread then. That way it will be bumped up and you won't be cluttering the board with too many of the same issues.

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                Looks like you misread my post. That's OK.

      2. Avoid the tourist traps if you care about what you eat, but they do have their place and are a fun and kitchy look at Old West Arizona. Just don't count of having a very good meal there.

        Don and Charlie's in Scottsdale is a great place to satisfy adults and kids. Great steaks, prime riib, seafood and BBQ for adults and lots of other options for younger ones. They are very accomodating, but it's also a nice place that serves great food and has stood the test of time. Don and Charlie's has the largest collection of sports/baseball memorabilia west of the Mississippi and kids can always entertain themselves looking around.

        Reservations are essential.

        Place link below.

        Don & Charlie's
        7501 E. Camelback Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

        1. I've always loved eating ice cream at The Sugar Bowl in "Old Town" Scottsdale. It might be a good bribe if you want to spend some time walking around that area in the evening. The food is nothing special, but it has a kid-friendly, old-fashioned atmosphere and is not a chain.

          I know I found the Tee Pee fascinating as a kid, even though I can't remember why anymore. You could try calling around there, Los Olivos, and some of the local "corporate Mexican" places (Garduno's, Arriba's, Abuelo's) when you get here and see if you can find one with a Mariachi band one night. The food won't be great, but it won't be terrible, and you will have fun.

          You might also try a Korean BBQ place (I don't know of any in Scottsdale but a search of this board may turn up some). Grilling your own meat at the table is always entertaining, as is sampling the vast array of spicy pickled things that come with a meal. And for food that will make the adults really happy too, I definitely second Don & Charlie's.

          Sugar Bowl Ice Cream Parlor
          4005 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

          Tee Pee Mexican Restaurant
          4144 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85018

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            Garduno's is something else, now. I don't know if it's much different, but, the name changed.

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              I grew up vacationing in AZ, and I second Tee Pee. Always loved it. Same for Don & Charlie's. I would suggest Flo's Asian Kitchen as a kid friendly spot as well.

            2. Ok, Ok, I know you want something other than pizza, but I figured since I'm here I would recommend a good local pizza chain for families: Oreganos.

              Scottsdale covers a lot of area - will you be based in North or South/Central Scottsdale?

              Oregano's Pizza Bistro
              7215 E Shea Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

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              1. re: mamamia

                We will be at the Camelback Inn. Not sure exactly where that is in Scottsdale.

                1. re: Barbarella

                  That's actually in Paradise Valley. They do a wonderful Sunday brunch there that will please everyone in your group. (OT for a moment: You haven't mentioned if you're doing spa treatments while you are there, but Camelback Inn's spa is well known and well-loved by locals and tourists alike. I highly recommend getting a treatment or two while you are there. )

                  Sweet Tomatoes, although a chain, is always a no-brainer for us b/c of the variety and quality. The closest one to where you are staying is at 101 & Indian Bend; there is another one at Desert Ridge (101 & Tatum).

                  If the kids in your group like Chinese, our favorite is Flo's on Frank Lloyd Wright & Thompson Peak (probably 30 minutes from Camelback Inn in non-rush-hour traffic).

                  Another chain that has been mostly slammed on these boards is Benihana, at Scottsdale & Frank Lloyd Wright. We have always had a good experience there, and it is my 6-yo's favorite restaurant so I feel the need to recommend it.