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Feb 5, 2009 11:23 AM

NY Pizzeria now open for business in Houston

Grimaldi's, famed NYC/NJ Pizzeria is now open for dinner. Using a 14ton coal fired oven left on 24/7 they will open for lunch beginning in March. Dinner only for now as they begin to perfect the menu/product. I hear the Brooklyn Managment has just given the Sugarland Mgmt a couple of thumbs up on their recent opening. Go to B4UEat for Menu and Profile. Lets hope they open another location inside the loop!


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  1. There's one opening at La Cantera in SA also. The key to a good crust apparently is the water, hopefully they will get it right.

    1. How annoying to start something that exciting outside the loop. It might be closer than Russo's Coal Fired, eh? Thank God Texas is starting to get really good pizza....

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        Headed to the burbs last night, Grimaldi's my destination. With a 25 minute wait for a table I decided to order a large pep "to go" w/salad and canoli. Well, it was a 25 minute wait for my order,, I jumped in my car pointed to Dallas/Waugh and tried to resist touching my pizza until home. Easier said then done,, three slices consumed before I landed in my garage,, I polished off another two slices after I warmed them up a bit. I think we should petition Grimaldi's and demand they open another location in town! The canoli was irrestible too! So glad the price for gallon of gas is down!

      2. Hit Grimaldis last night and came away satisfied. Pizza is up there but not above my other favorites.: Rizzi's, Pinks, Russo's and Romano's are my fav's along with this one. If you are a crispy crust person then Grimaldi's is the place. I would suggest no more than 2 toppings. Here is what I came away with. Flavor was not quite as good as Rizzi's and russo's. Sauce is subtle but of good quality. Crust stayed crispy the whole time and had a good char to it. Atmosphere wise it is the best of the lot by a hug margin. there is a bar that open up to outside overlooking the very nice water features of this part of first Colony mall. Prices are on the high side but who cares, $20 can still feed 4 people with he same tast in pizza.
        Huge plus is a gelato place right next door.

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          Yeah,, its a different "style" of NY pizza,, more in line with Lombardi's in Little Italy or say Da Baffetto's in Rome,, rather than the other pizzeria's in NYC and Romano's here. All good, in fact Romano's on West Gray with Frankie and Vinnie running the show and Luigi (from Naples) pulling those pies out,, its "home"... But Grimaldi's,, a different league. The Brooklyn location (at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge) is better than what we have here.... Just a different vibe and the pizza's just,, better. Put Frankie and Vinnie in Grimaldi's here,, its "showtime"!

          1. re: bornie

            Oh, jscarbor,,, Pink's just opened down the road from me on W.Gray... How would u describe their pies,, NY, Chicago, St Louis? Compared to Romano's?? thx

            1. re: bornie

              I'll try not to be a hater anymore, because I know a lot of people around here like Pink's a lot. Only been to the Heights location. Great ingredients, mediocre crust (conveyer oven). Romanos is waaaaaaay better.

              1. re: bornie

                its just a regular pie really. i have only had the sausage, right after the hurrican and one other time at a party and loved it. It would most closely resmemble NY style really.
                Yes, if the Romano's guys were working Grimaldi's it would be the best by far.

                Bulldozer, you might be right. not a big enough smaple size for me.

                1. re: bornie

                  Ok, so another one opened off Washington, and some work mates went this week for a pie. When they returned, they said they liked the pizza but won't be returning. Why? They asked for salt, and were refused because the "chef perfectly seasons the pizza." Next they asked for ice in their drinks and were told there is no ice in the restaurant because they don't serve mixed drinks. WTH???

                  1. re: Lambowner

                    Where off Washington is it? I checked the website and saw no listing. so it must be pretty new. I've always wanted to try Grimaldi's, the closest is now City Center but I'd rather not go there.

                    Sounds like they might not have an ice maker yet with the bizarre answer of no mixed drinks, sounds made up to me.

                    Heck, they might not have any saltshakers either but that's easily remedied with a few packs of Whataburger salt packets. I don't mind, I bring in real butter for Waffle House and Frank's Grill biscuits.

                    1. re: James Cristinian

                      It's on the corner of Washington and Moy, next to the old DF Food Mart. I didn't know there is a new Grimaldi's at City Center, interesting. There is one in Sugar Land which may be closer to you. And BTW, they are serious when they say they close the oven every day at 4 to clean the oven, I scheduled a family meet up at the Sugar Land location once at that time. Though now that I look at the website, it no longer states that... The last Grimaldi pizza I had was in The Woodlands and was disappointing so I guess they are not all made the same.

                      1. re: Lambowner

                        Wow, I know that corner and drove by it twice on Saturday without seeing it.

                        The City Centre website and Grimaldi's both say coming soon. I'll add to it my rotation of Verona, Brother's, Romano's, and Antonio's if as good as advertised.

                        I'm also told I need to try Pizarro's,

                        1. re: James Cristinian

                          I think Lambowner is talking about a Pink's on that corner.

                          1. re: brucesw

                            I just looked it up, definitely a Pink's there. I've read in a few places they use a conveyer belt oven, which is a deal killer for me.

                            I don't need coal or wood, just no conveyer belt.

                            1. re: brucesw

                              Yes, I was responding to Bornie's comment about Pink's. That's the place that had no salt or ice.