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Feb 5, 2009 10:34 AM

Paso Robles: Is Silver Stone Winery closed?

I'd heard rumors in December that Silver Stone Winery in Paso Robles was closing their tasting room - or possibly closing altogether. I looked for them today online, and their website is gone! Anyone know whether the tasting room is still there? (I'm a wine club member, and was really looking forward to my next pickup this month, but now I have no way to reach them!)

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  1. phone number listed as 805-226-2788 you get a message which indicates the tasting room is open 7 days. Give them a call. Good luck. Please post with a new title if they are still open.

    1. "I'm a wine club member"

      Hopefully you didn't have to pony up a lot of upfront dough!

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        Ha, no. We'll just be sad if they're gone, is all!

      2. The tasting room iis closed and is for lease. The people we've talked to who are in the wine business (Pianetta Winery, and others) say the whole business is gone - winery closed up shop and everything. There was no warning and we haven't found a way to buy their wines somewhere else. I'll let you know if I find out anything more.

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          I heard a rumor that the folks at Vinoteca on 12th St. might have some inside info. Unfortunately, we won't be coming through there for another 2-3 weeks. Let us know if you hear anything!

        2. Just heard the word that Silver Stone is back. Apparently, they established a new website: The site still looks like its under construction.

          1. Silver Stone Tasting room on 13th is closed, however the wine is still available at their website, which has been up for a while -

            I just had a bottle of their 2004 Syrah - westside paso robles - and it was fantastic!