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Feb 5, 2009 10:15 AM

Wellington suggestions.

Going to have the pleasure of spending sometime(10 days) in Wellington. Not too familiar with the area and are looking for dinning suggestions. Willing to travel half and hour or so(further if need be). All ideas welcome.

Many thanks!

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  1. I'm not too familiar with the Wellington area. You might want to check into restaurants in Delray. I think there are a lot of restaurants at City Place as well which I believe is in Boca. There is a Seasons 52 up there as well which is reliable for a nice meal.

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      City Place is in West Palm Beach and is mainly a chain lovers tourist trap.

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        I live in CityPlace...stay away. That is, unless you want the same food you could get at your local upscale shopping center. As far as suggestions, to the best of my knowledge, Wellington, like Royal Palm consists of newer retail and restaurants, which means mostly chains, and as you can probably guess already, I strongly am against. If you don't mind driving east a bit, there are plenty of great local places. Rather than repost what has been said several times on the boards, do a search for West Palm, Lake Worth, Delray, and Boynton Beach which should all be within about that 20-30 minute radius. I will suggest Chez Porkys in Wellington though. Go with the wings (try the rasberry) and cajun mussels. And if you like hole-in-the wall dives, The Brass Ring in North Palm Beach is always worth the drive. Best burger AND wings in PBC, $5 pitchers of beer, enough said. It's a once a week place for me.

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          Have you tried the new bird in Wellington, Bacaolo Tapas and Seaood Grille? It looks like a snazzy, slightly upscale place and just got a nice review by the PB Post.

          PB Post review

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            they closed on may 8th. twas crap anyhow.

      2. There are several good dining choices in Wellington. The Players Club and Nicoles Tavern are usually great, but, consistently serving great food seems to be an issue with both. Bonefish Grill and Stonewood Grill are chains, but they both consistently serve very good food but tend to be a little loud. Bonefish Grill in Royal Palm Beach is also VERY good, but again, a little loud. For the steak lover, try Runyons in Coral Springs... If you feel like a 45 minute drive, Jetty's is has fantastic seafood and has a great view of the lighthouse. Hope this helps