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Croma: Closed for the Season or Just Closed?

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Anyone know? Someone just told me that this Newbury Street restaurant is indeed closed for good, but it'd be nice to get confirmation on this.

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  1. Their website says closed for the season...but that seems really weird

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      I had read some place that Croma was looking to sell. There is no "season" on Newbury St. I don't think. I'm pissed I never got to try the sticky toffee pudding.

      There's also a 'closed for the season' sign on the Chicken Bone by Fenway, but that makes more sense.

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        OT, but there is an AMAZING sticky toffee pudding, made by some one-woman shop in CT, who hand makes each one, or some such thing, at Whole Foods. I got one for TC for dessert on NYE, and he said next year, forget the rest of the stuff, and just get him that dessert!

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          Not trying to be an arse, but if you go to England anytime, there are Croma locations in Manchester, Charleston, Leeds, and Prestwich. =)

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          1. They were never very good......so not a surprise. There were too many better options on Newbury.

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            1. Looks like there is now a sign on the door and on their street side menu that reads, "Pazzo Ristorante Now Hiring."