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Feb 5, 2009 10:11 AM

Phosphates in NoVa or DC?

My friend has been craving a Chocolate Phosphate. Any of you know of a place in Northern Virginia or DC that serves these? I've checked the Jewish delis to no avail. We're in Fairfax, but willing to travel. Thanks!

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  1. Is that like an egg cream? I think there are a few places that serve egg creams, but I've never heard of a phosphate.

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      Very similar to an egg cream, but I think they add a drop or two of an actual phosphate powder or liquid, which IIRC makes it extra foamy, and imparts a slightly different flavor.

    2. I love phosphates, when I'm reminded, but don't usually think of them. I guess they don't have them at Chutzpah? What about Morty's -- is that what it's called -- on upper Wisconsin in DC? Not much help, I know. I bet they're hard to find even in NYC these days. I did have one not too long ago in L.A. at Cantor's....

      1. Phosphates.. haven't had one in 40 or 50 years... I'll take a lemon one if you can find it.

        1. I know a place in Cleveland that has chocolate phosphates on their menu. But I am fairly certain that it is just U-bet Chocolate Syrup and soda water. Theoretically you should add additional phosphoric acid to create the classic foamy top. But since nearly all carbonated beverages produced today are already made with phosphoric acid it seems you might be able to skip that step and create a similar product at home.