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Feb 5, 2009 10:01 AM

Anybody been to Las Ramblas in the W Village recently?

Would love to know if it's any good and what the vibe is like. Does it get crowded on a weekend? Is it loud?


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  1. Went on a weekday after work, at around 6-ish so I don't think that would help you. The food was just okay. We had the meatballs which were very dry, the duck sausage with quail eggs which were also very dry. The mushrooms were delicious though, they came to the table still sizzling and had lots of garlic.

    It is a tiny spot so it might get crowded on a weekend.

    1. Weekends can get EXTEMELY crowded as there are only a few tables and people liek to linger with their tapas and drinks. I was told for a party of 4 it would be a half hour but wound up being 2 hours. Anyways, with that said, this is my favorite tapas place in the city. I highly recommend the following:

      - shrimp in garlic, white wine, & lemon
      - sautéed wild mushrooms w/almonds& sherry wine
      - roasted meatballs w/garlic, manchego cheese, & oregano dressing
      - chorizo w/ cannellini beans
      - garlicky potatoes w/ allioli

      Also, you must try their red pear and white peach sangrias.

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        I strongly agree with Eat Me. A friend and I recently ate there before a show and everything was delicious. We had most of the items mentioned above and loved them. I was underwhelmed by the Patatas Bravas, but I'm not that big a fan of them usually anyway.

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          Also agree with EatMe- one of my favorite tapas places. The sauteed wild mushrooms are amazing! Like the croquetas as well.

          It is quite a wait on the weekends- if you're willing to do it, they give you a pager so you can have drinks at the bar across the way