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Feb 5, 2009 09:39 AM

Wedding Venue: Rustic Chic + amazing food?

Hi there

My fiance and I are planning our wedding for Spring 2010. We've lived in Brooklyn for the past 7 years and had originally planned on getting married in NYC but are now looking for a unique venue upstate (hudson valley, catskills, etc). Ideally, we'd like a private estate/barn/vineyard with a laid back vibe and amazing food that's not too pricey. We have friends and family traveling from all over so would need to be near accomodations of some sort.

Basically, we want what everyone else wants!

We love Blue Hill at Stone Barn but are afraid its a bit too expensive for us. We're planning on around 100-125 guests and would welcome any suggestions y'all might have.


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      Thanks for sending- hadn't seen those. I

    2. Stone Barns is about as pricey as it gets anywhere in the Hudson Valley, so y ou have a LOT of options.

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        hello everyone--- i know this is late but curious as to whether you know anything about Blue Hill. I just contacted them, and it looks like the price is $245pp with a $2500 site fee, not including the 20% tip and 7% tax. It makes the total bill for 64 people $365pp. Why do they keep upping their site fee and pp fee? I'm getting depressed.

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          > Why do they keep upping their site fee and pp fee?

          Because people will pay it?

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            We decided to pass. Our honeymoon was more important.

      2. Dutchess Manor in Cold Spring or Boscobel in Cold Spring have beautiful backdrops of the Hudson River. Also pleanty of B&B's in town.

        1. I came across this Web site when searching for a vacation rental in the Hudson Valley.

          I believe this Apple Barn Farm is a venue only - a very pretty one! However, they recommend caterers (you can see a list on the site). When I read your post, I remembered the photos I had seen on this site, and thought it could be right up your alley. The events look stylish and bucolic - low-key with a lot of elegant touches - "rustic chic," as you said. Please note, I cannot recommend this place, as I've never dealt with them.

          Good luck!