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Feb 5, 2009 09:32 AM

Olney, MD Restaurants

Am meeting a friend in Olney, MD for dinner on 2/10 ... any recommendations for an inexpensive to moderate place w/ good food, service and a reasonable wine list?



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  1. Hmmmm Monday nite is prix fixe at Mannequin Pis, which is fabulous... Tuesday is their normal, bit more pricy menu. It's a great place, though...

    1. I haven't been to Mannequin Pis for a while, but what I recall is that it is a bit pricey and not terribly comfortable. Plus, like a true bistro, everything is packed pretty close together. As a place to meet someone in comfort, you might prefer the Olney Grille. Good, not great, but comfortable and moderately priced. It is a place my wife and I like to go on occasion. Unfortunately, two of my favorite Olney joints that met your criteria are long gone--Blue Ox and Tomato Tango.

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        Mannequin Pis is not cheap, the tables are squeezed together, and the service can be distant.

        But the food is easily twice as good (ten times as good?) as anything else in a 15 minute drive, so it's still the only place to go for a nice meal in Olney.

        1. re: DanielK

          I agree with DanielK's assessment. The food at Mannequin Pis is excellent and worth the price if you enjoy Belgian cuisine.

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          You might also try Ricutti's. Italian and wood fired pizza. Decent wine list for Montgomery County, and the service is polite and efficient.

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            Two newer restaurants that you may want to try are Aroma and Al'sospiro. Both about 50 seats and moderately priced.

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              Could somebody compare Al Sospiro to Riccuitis? This is a question I've been meaning to ask--we don't eat Italian as much as we'd like--which is better to start?

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              Ever since Ricutti's moved from Laytonsville to Olney, it got expensive and weird. Strange flavor combinations and dishes consisting of things that just don't go together.

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                I'll second the Riccuitis' recommendation, but add that the upstairs area near the fireplace is much nicer than downstairs. Never been to Al Sospiro. Also never was at Riccuiti's in Laytonsville, so I can't comment on that, but I can say that I don't understand pgreen's review. My spouse and I both think that the food is terrific in Olney and I don't recall any "strange flavor combinations" or "dishes consisting of things that just don't go together."

            3. 1. Mannequin Pis: you actually can dine moderately if you stick to mussels
              2. Aroma: new pan latin upscaled restaurant...pretty good
              3. Al Sospiro: tuscan italian
              4. Ricuitti's: italian, wood burning stove adult pizza
              5. Olney Grill: like a Houstons
              6. Olney Ale House: home made bread, beef stew, good burgers
              7. Mama Lucia; pizza/italian chain
              8. Sole Azteca; pretty good tex/Mex has an excellent seafood soup
              9. Hunana Delight
              10. Wasabi Zen: good sushi
              11. Sakura: Japanese steak house like benihanna

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                We tried Aroma on Friday evening. The decor is lovely, including an outdoor patio that was getting plenty of action. The service inside was a little spotty, but the cocktails and main dishes were great. Big portions, interesting flavor combinations, and the first place in the DC area I've seen chispa, the unique Peruvian mash-up of Chinese and Andean cuisine that is very popular in Lima.