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Feb 5, 2009 09:13 AM

breakfast /lunch place in NJ

I went to a place on rt 71 in Manasquan NJ they had about 2000 diffrent types of omelets and other breakfast items they also serve lunch I think they close by 3:00 pm does anyone know the name and address of this place my parents lived down there and I went a couple of times but cant remeber the name I havent been there since parents came back to NY thanks for any info on this place

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  1. I think you might be thinking of Mariner's Cove in Brielle, right near the Rt35 bridge to Pt Pleasant. Very similar menu at Amy's on Rt36 in Long Branch, unless I'm mistaken I think they're the same family. Amy's has much more room.

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      Mariner's Cove Restaurant
      712 Union Ave.
      Brielle, NJ

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        ''Terry's not just bagels ''in Toms River on Hwy 70 .(Lake Ridge ).The Best pork roll land egg sandwiches in the area .The owner Joe is a magic man @ the grill ..The tell tale secret is a steady crowd of regulars daily .The prices are right

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          We did go over the weekend and it was just as i rememebered huge portions and all very tasty I wish I lived close to them. LOL

      2. DING DING DING jfedorko & MGZ u are both correct thank u for your input I even called them to confirm that this is the palce I was looking for and they told me YES IT IS. I think they have the best breakfast around so many options top choose from i should call them and ask if they have a menu on line so I can start to look at it now . once again thank u both

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          The old owners also opened up Amy's Omelette House in Long Branch, NJ