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Feb 5, 2009 09:03 AM

Fleur de Sel vs. Bouley

Need some help for a very special valentines dinner. Would have liked Le Bernardin or Blue Hill also but were booked. Any thoughts?

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  1. Fleur de Sel is noisy, the tapas are average at best, and it's not cheap either.

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      Fleur de Sel is not Flor de Sol. The former is a Michelin-starred French restaurant that is closing in a couple of weeks. An elegant place suitable for a special night out. Flor de Sol is a Spanish tapas restaurant -- haven't been there, but it seems to have nothing in common with Fleur de Sel other than a similar name.

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        You are confusing Fleur de Sel, the French restaurant, with the Spanish/tapas restaurant, Flor de Sol.

      2. Fleur de Sel is closing 2/21 - so consider it a last chance!

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        1. Fleur de Sel is smaller, more intimate, and serves delicious contemporary French cuisine (kind of traditional for NYC i guess, but fresh/light as opposed to heavy cream sauces that I would associate with "traditional" French)

          I have not been to the new Bouley space, but I am sure that it is beautiful as well, the food is French with Asian accents, and will also be delicious.

          I would go to Fleur de Sel. It is closing soon and it is one of your last chances to visit a great restaurant. I do not know what each restaurant is offering for v-day, and I would certainly consider the value when deciding. Bouley has always had great lunch menus, so I would recommend visiting for a less expensive lunch if you would like to try it a different time, which you won't have the opportunity to do with Fleur de Sel.

          At certain tables at Fleur de Sel, you will sit on a corner bench next to your date. Inquire about reserving one of those specifically when making your reservation if you are interested.

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            Great info, and very convincing.

          2. i've enjoyed FDS in the past, but when a restaurant is closing down it can sometimes be not the best experience to go there on it's last days so keep that in mind as you make your choice.

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              I thought about that. I would assume that Chef Renaud will maintain the same standards until closing.