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Feb 5, 2009 09:00 AM

Angela's Pizza/Italian restaurant Charlotte

Another topic I just responded to made me think about those places off the beaten path that seldom get buzz because and I quote myself " If ya don't know, ya won't go"
This restaurant has been a favorite since moving here over two year ago . I first went on a recommendation because it's location is not on any of my paths.
Honestly, I have not tried all the Italian places in Charlotte ,but I have tried many that have been recommended by critics and such. Well, Angela's is as authentic as it gets for this NJ transplant.
With all due respect ,their red sauce would make my Nonna smile. She might not admit it , but I think even their E P P would also. < Nonna: mi dispiace >
I have an extensive list of favorites from their menu .
Yes, they even do the old NY style pizza justice.Their Sicilian would make the Tri State area applaud.
Seafood lovers you MUST try a Zuppa di Pesce dinner here. Whoa! I like it hot so I request it fra diavolo and they don't bat an eye.The veal dishes are fricken amazing.
The service here is also very good .
Their name says pizza but I would not throw them into the "pizza parlor" category even though they have my vote in that category as well.
This is definitely an Italian restaurant that would rival any of them on the 'other side of town" OH, don't even get me started about price. Good food and change? We have a winner!
But hey that's just this Jersey transplants opinion.
Their good food makes this Northerner happy and in return I'm sure they will be happy that I am giving some word of mouth for them.

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  1. Just found this and looked at the menu. It looks amazing and just like the restaurants I grew up going to in NJ/NY. The shrimp parm stopped me in my tracks but that's just me. Seafood and cheese? i think I'd prefer nutmeg! I might have to make it over there at some point this weekend. You originally posted this at a point when I was taking a Chowhoud hiatus. Thanks.

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      It don't just look good, it is good. (so sorry no nutmeg here) ha! My son loves the shrimp parm and altho it is not on the menu they even make him a shrimp parm SUB when the craving hits him ( yes he's a Jersey boy! )
      I have only had the shrimp parm on the antipasta (hot) plate which includes the shrimp parm and speaking first hand you will not be dissapointed. But then again, every CHOW Hound has different tastes so you be the judge.
      Speaking of seafood and recent guilty pleasure dish here is shrimps and scallops tossed in a gorganzola cream sauce that makes my toes curl. I gotta tell you the seafood dishes here are off the carts. I am passionate about this place because it's our favorite and you wont find them on any top ten list here in Charlotte and everytime we go we wonder why? I mean the food is consistent and the prices are VERY reasonable the service good (not white glove) attentive and friendly and they always make you feel like they appreciate having you there.

    2. I was excited to read a review about Angela's in the Charlotte Observer . I was even more excited when I read her (Robin Domeier) closing sentence which was> "Besides, the housemade sauce is worth a visit alone".
      True statement IMO. She said she could have eaten vats of it, me too. Let it be known you heard of their killer sauce from me first. Again <Nonna: mi dispiace>

      I am a bit confused as to one of the appt. she wrote about, the antipasta all'Angela which I was raving about to southernitalian. This is something we enjoy here and have had many times. She wrote that it came with Chicken Parm and I have never seen Chicken Parm on that very same appt. when we have ordered it . I wonder if she got caught up in the deliciousness of the sauce she did not realize it was actually Shrimp Parm!
      Any-way, just thought I would bump this up for anyone looking for some yummy Italian food.