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Feb 5, 2009 08:59 AM

New job = new chow 'hood...Help! (Chelsea)

I'm day 4 on the job and in need of some recommendations for...

1. cheap/fast lunch

2. treat yourself lunch (Boqueria? Markt?)


3. after work drinks/snacks.

I've grabbed a quick baked falafel at Chickpea (fine), walked over to Rohm for a late lunch. Last night had some truly fantastic cocktails at Flatiron Lounge.

Where should I go?

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  1. Get thee to R.U.B. on 23rd and 7th for a quarter pound of burnt ends.

    1. Rickshaw Dumpling Bar
      Chicken rice bowl from The Pita Grill
      Bagels from Empire City Bagel
      Tre Dici (nice lunch)
      Markt (reliably decent food)
      Chips and cheese dip from Qdoba (sorry for the lame rec, but it's really good)
      Berrywild FroYo
      Grilled cheese from Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop
      Mangia (makes a decent sandwich)

      1. Sala One Nine (19th between 5th/6th) has great happy hour. 2 for 1 drinks and terrific raciones (tapas). We like to go for lunch as well - great sandwiches.

        Room Service (thai) on 8th ave between 18th/19th) has a great $6 lunch special.

        Soups at Medina (17th between bway/5th) are fabulous! In the summer I eat in the park.

        1. I went to Sala 19 for lunch and had the lentil soup with chourico and the tortilla espanola sandwich. A lot of food for $9. Will definitely get back for happy hour.

          1. How far east are you? The first place I think of when I see the word "Chelsea" is Grand Sichuan at 24th and 9th. You wouldn't experience a wait at lunch and should order off the regular menu (the Sichuan and Hunan and other specialty parts of it, not the American-Chinese, Cantonese, or Shanghainese portions thereof), not the lunch specials. It still wouldn't be a super-fast lunch, but you could probably do it in about a half an hour. An early dinner might work, too, but prime time is likely to be a huge crush and not worth it, except for takeout.

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              I should have been more clear - I'm at 6th and W 20th

              1. re: MB fka MB

                It's a bit of a trek west, but you could go to La Bergamotte, which I think is at 19th or 20th and 9th. Lovely rillettes sandwich. If you cook at all, btw, there is a v. good butcher on the east side of 9th just around there.

                1. re: MB fka MB

                  Congratulations on having the only new job in the American economy!

                  City Bakery is #1 lunch around there for me, and now they have after work beer too

                  Either of the street carts on that block - the Latina hot dog lady makes good chicken with hot sauce on that grill and the middle eastern lamb schwarma if fine too
                  There's a taco truck another block down just off 6th Ave, south west

                  Tebaya Japanese chicken wing place on 19th between 6th and 7th
                  Eisenmenger's on 5th Ave @22nd for a pastrami on rye
                  The Thai place on 7th Ave has perfectly good lunch delivery
                  Uncle Moe's for Cal-Mex is fine too

                  Boqueria for a treat yourself tapas and wine afterwork - although even better is Casa Mono on the other side of Union Sq...if you're ready to spend a little money.

                  1. re: pitu

                    I'm such a regular at Casa Mono that I could probably recite the menu from memory.

                    Thanks for the rec's - I went into City Bakery and didn't like the layout of everything and left. Maybe I'll give it another try. Favorites there?

                    1. re: MB fka MB

                      re: City Bakery
                      breakfast bar with Evans yogurt (try the lemon, it's as revelatory as yogurt is ever going to be) and housemade granola.
                      The scones are lovely.

                      lunch has an ever changing cast of fresh veg and fish and meat
                      roasted, herbed, marinated, grilled and salad-ized
                      You can get a big heap of salad greens, and big flavors
                      shaved fennel, not just romaine
                      The mac and cheese is good too.
                      I get a box to go.