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Feb 5, 2009 08:55 AM

Vegan lunch in BH?

I've been searching, but can't find current recs for vegan restaurants in Brooklyn Heights for lunch. Can anyone help?

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  1. Maybe that Siggy's place on Henry?

    1. I have not personally tried any of the three places listed on (which includes chow_gal's suggestion of Siggy's), but perhaps a visit to one or more could lead you to some undiscovered gems? Good luck!

      1. siggy's is wonderful! i am a non-vegan and i really enjoy their food. i absolutely recommend it. if you go for dinner - their acorn squash dinner is fantastic.

        1. Not exactly BH, but if you don't mind walking into Cobble Hill, Wild Ginger (pan-Asian vegan) recently opened on Smith between (I think) Dean and Pacific. It's a bit pricey for dinner, but they have lunch specials and I've liked it quite a bit the couple of times I've eaten there. My friend said the vegan chocolate "cheese"cake she got for dessert was meh.

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            Wild Ginger is indeed very good. I am not even a vegetarian and I love it.

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              I actually think Wild Ginger is surprisingly reasonable, esp since its BYOB (or was, last time I went, anyway). They've done a lovely job on the dining room, it's a proper place to sit down and have a nice meal and the prices are similar or more reasonable really than anyone else in the neighborhood doing that sort of place (Chance would be a good point of comparison).

              I have to say, I was very much a nay sayer about a Vegan place opening...I'm as carnivorous as they come. But the food there is really tasty. We've had it delivered many times and been in to eat as well. Love their take on General Tso tofu in particular. The udon noodle dish is great too. Also, their moo shoo veg.