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Cajun Cafe on the Bayou-Pinellas Park

I plan on taking my mom here for her birthday dinner, since she likes Cajun food. We had taken a trip to NO recently over the summer and that left us craving more food, just closeby now.

What would you recommend eating there? Also I heard of a great beer selection as well? Thanks!

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  1. I have never been there but if you search this board you will find a big thread with lots of reviews

      1. i always enjoyed the food there, but it has been a long time. please let us know how the meal is!

        1. I would also be interested in hearing how it is. Having lived in NOLA, I've never bothered going there.

          1. Really happy to see this, and the other older thread...
            I have a new customer out that way and I keep passing by...
            You know I wanted to turn in but the timing was never right...

            Next time I'm gonna time it right---- eat crawfish cornbread, a few other goodies, and drink 5 beers...

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              I really like the place. That being said, eating two pounds of crawfish is some kind of aversion therapy. It starts to hurt towards the end. I envy the fact that you are on constant food patrol. It must be fun thinking about all of the possibilities every morning.

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                Well... I AM seeing a surgeon for consult in the morning to take out my renegade gallbladder, so I'm feeling less of a role model and more of a 'poster child'...

                All you guys seem to get around as much as I do if not more...

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                While I have always liked the food, I have never been able to get competent service there. Within the past year, I have been there three times. All three times, service has been terrible. But I truly hope you receive better.

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                  The last time I was there with my neighbor, my sister and her husband. It was not that busy. We had a difficult time getting our waitress's attention most of the night. Many times, we were out of ice tea, beer, or sodas. And then it took forever to get our main course. In fact, there was one other couple who came in twenty minutes after we were seated, and they were fed and out of there a good 45 minutes before we were. Adn they had a different waitress. And we were not trying to take our time either. Three times, we asked this other waitress to please find ask ours to come out.

                  The food was good but service like this will ruin any meal. As I pointed out in my original message, the food has always been good. Maybe that is why we keep going back since there are very few Cajun style eateries in the Tampa Bay area.

                  Don't know if this helps but I hope it does. I wish I could remember the waitress's name as I would be more than happy to share it with you.

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                    i've had similar experiences with bad service. just neglect and sometimes an attitude. The food was always good, but i haven't been back in years,

              3. Big fan of Cajun Cafe here, I love the food and you can't beat the beer selection, I even struck up a conversation with the owner once about a beer I particularly liked that isn't generally available in the Pinellas area (Dogfish Head Chicory Stout) he didn't know me from adam, and he said he doubted that he could get it in, but the next time I was there he had it on tap!! I call that great service. I've heard complaints about the wait staff on this board before but frankly I have never found the wait staff to be particularly bad and I go there at least once a month.

                Cajun Cafe
                777 E Merritt Island Cswy Ste 167, Merritt Island, FL 32952

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                  Had a great meal last night at Cajun Cafe. Wife and I started out with gumbo, jambalaya, and a pork Boudin. All three were great. The menu says they get their Boudin from Louisiana. Not that I am any expert, but the immense flavor of the sausage leads me to believe that is true. The only downside of the evening was the fact that the cold snap has pushed back crawfish season. For entrees we had the catfish court bouillon (a sauteed catfish with a spicy tomato sauce) and the soft-shell crab dinner. Both entrees were excellent. Even after the three appetizers, I ordered the dinner with two crabs instead of one and I was glad of it (so was my wife). The crabs were fried very well and the red beans and rice were a great accompaniment. For dessert we had the bread pudding. It was a painful end to a large meal but it was completely irresistible. I had my eye on my watch because of Ribdog's recent experiences and because we had an 8:00 O'clock concert to catch in St. Pete. We were in and out in less than an hour, which seems pretty good considering all of the eating that we did.

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                    Glad to hear you had a good experience. There must be a black cloud hanging over me when I walk in there. Gonna have to get a fan to blow it away so my next time will be better.

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                      I would guess that they think the relaxed atmosphere is part of the experience. I generally don't like mixing food and "experiences" but there is something to be said for sitting out on the patio next to the bayou. There were probably about 8 other tables when we were there. That may account for the extra attention.