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Feb 5, 2009 07:44 AM

Mexican Restaurant in Westchester

I would love some suggestions for Mexican eateries in Westchester. Doesn't have to be anything fancy but just good fresh mexican food. We live in Somers and there is NOTHING around. Many thanks.

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  1. If you feel like hoping in the car and to Port Chester, I would recommend two different restuarants. Los Gemelos on Westchester Avenue is a great choice. They make their own tortillas and chips on site. Make sure not to fill up on the chips before your food comes since the portion sizes are pretty generous. The burritos are reasonably priced at $9 a piece and they are large! I'd recommend the one with Chorizo. You can't beat a tasty Negra Modelo to wash it down for under $4! Not much ambiance and small. The Greenwichites love to hop across the border at night for this gem!

    The other place is a Latin tapas style restuarant called Sonora. It's much more of an upscale dinning experience than Los Gemelos but still reasonable (dinner for two with a drink will set you back about $75-$90). Its off the beaten path on Rectory Street (a few blocks behind the old Lifesaver building). I'd recommend having a few tapas like the Degustacion de Empanadas (braised short rib, steak and shrimp empanadas) as well as the Quesadilla de Langosta y Aguacate (lobster and Avocado Quesadilla). Finish up with a Tres Leche Tiramisu. Good ambience and the drinks are reasonable at $5 for bear and $9 for a glass of wine (the Casa Lapostelle merlot is very good)

    1. Have you tried Azteca on East Main in Mount Kisco? We find it worthwhile. The decor is decidedly not fancy, but the food is very good.

      1. Que Chula Es Puebla in Sleepy Hollow, there are some other threads about it if you do a search. The service is slow, but they make everything fresh.

        1. Wonderful suggestions everyone...All three localtions are very doable. Thanks again.

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            i've been to Azteca on East Main in Mount Kisco its very good.

          2. Check this board for numerous posts about Mexican and other Latin restaurants by adamclyde, who is extremely knowledgeable about these restaurants in our area.