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Feb 5, 2009 07:20 AM

CSA vs. Washington Green Grocer

So thanks to a little more reading of the board and the contributions of my fellow posters, I've now discovered the possibilities of Washington Green Grocer. I think we'll try them out next week or the week after but I'm wondering if anyone has comments on their experience with WGG vs. a CSA. I'm interested both in the quality of produce, but also in what anyone knows about how Washington Green Grocer sources their veggies. Do they come from local farms, farmers markets? I don't have the impression that the people who run it farm themselves. Any ideas from anyone.

At this point, pending a test run of Washington Green Grocer, they would seem the better option because of the control you have over the process and the flexibility of the ordering. Anybody want to weigh in with an alternate opinion?

Thanks for all your advice

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  1. We've been using WGG for over a year. They try and locally source products (ncluinding PA, NJ, etc), but usually it's a mix. from all over (esp. in the organic box). They do not farm themselves. I've been happy with the produce, and it forces me to cook and try things i wouldn't normally buy.

    1. Before I started with my current CSA I tried WGG for a few weeks but was not impressed with the quality of the produce. I wanted to be happy with them but wasn't. I've been with Spiral Path Organic Farm CSA for two years and am very happy with them. A small share is plenty (and then some) for two people, the quality is high and the price per week is very reasonable ($15-16 a week for the season). You never know what's going to be in the box but I manage to use everything.