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Feb 5, 2009 07:20 AM

I loved Freshberry!

I finally got a chance to check out the new kid on the block, a place called Fresh berry at 90th st and via linda by the Red House chinese restaurant. they have 4 flavors but i only tried the tart, it was creamy and smooth. the girl working there said some people say it taste like cheescake. Anyway it's a fancy little shop and i'll definately be back to try their other flavors. I recommend them if you are in the area.

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  1. Hi becca, two questions if you please:

    1: Flavors of what?

    2: What area?


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      Oh sorry its a new frozen yogurt place, on the corner of 90th street and via linda in scottsdale

      1. re: Whisper

        Another frozen yogurt place. .. it must be Scottsdale!

      2. I did a mini-review of this place within another thread so I'll post it here...

        I stopped by the new FreshBerry on 90th and Via Linda (right by Andreoli's) today. They have four flavors, and it's not self-serve. When I was there, they had tart, vanilla, choc, and strawberry. The tart wasn't even was like halfway tart but with a strange sweetness. It was creamy too...but Ice Tango had a creamy tart that was about 1000x better than this. Every tart I've tried was a LOT better than this one, actually. It was the best flavor out of the four though, and I really wanted yogurt, so I decided to just get a small tart. It came with three toppings and it was $4.26. It was tiny!! I'm pretty sure there were like three pieces of each fruit that they put on the yogurt...they're stingy with their toppings, but at that price I'd expect a little more! At Yogurtology and Yogurt Builderz you can get so much more for that price, and the yogurt at both is better (though I prefer Yogurtology's tart flavors and their toppings). Overall, I'd say FreshBerry is very skip-able. You won't be missing out if you don't try it!