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Feb 5, 2009 07:19 AM

Chilaquiles in NYC?

Just got back from 10 days in Mexico (Zihuatenejo, in Guererra), where I had chilaquiles forthe first time and loved them. Anybody know where I can find them in NY? I don't think I've ever noticed them on a menu before. (Not Tex-Mex enough for American taste buds?)

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  1. Tulcingo del Valle, Mama Mexico, El Centro

    1. Toloache (50th & 8th) makes them.

        1. Zarela! She serves it with green and red sauce, and I think it's better (but it's also milder, so if you like spicy, say so or add a dab of the hot hot salsa). Delicioso...

          1. Puebla on First Ave bet 2nd and 3rd Streets has it. Haven't tried that yet but anything else I ate there was OMG FANTASTIC.