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Feb 5, 2009 07:11 AM

Business Dinner near Times Square

Looking for a moderately upscale location that can make a solid impression. No preference or restriction on cuisine. Prospect is staying on West 46th Street b/w 6th and 7th and wants to stay close. Have a res at dbBistro now, but wanted to hear some other suggestions.


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  1. I personally do not think dbBistro is a good fit as I find it too noisy
    for a good conversation...others may disagree.
    Do you just want to 'entertain' prospect or try to get some serious
    conversation going?

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    1. re: Rhea58

      I know I am being vague and asking a lot, but both would be ideal!

    2. Del Frisco's in right there.

      1. La Masseria @ 48th bet. 7th & 8th - i went there pre-theater but it didn't seem pre-theatery if you know what i mean... I've seen mixed reviews but i thought it was pretty good - welcoming service, yummy risotto, calamari salad was a bit fishy so i wouldn't get that again...

        If they're willing to go a bit out of their way, I love Pera on Madison bet. 41st and 42nd... amazing Turkish! Lots of apps to share/taste and the lamb "Adana" is delish!

        1. Insieme is right near Times Square and has really nice Italian food (7th ave and 51st street)

          1. Keene's isnt too far from there. Blue Fin moderately upscale seafood, manhattan Ocean Club and Oceana not far ( one may have closed not sure), Becco maybe good but perhaps alittle too noisy. Ben and Jack's steak is good place.