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Feb 5, 2009 06:19 AM

Eat, New Orleans

Had a very nice dinner last night at a place called "Eat" over on Dumaine St. I don't recall ever seeing this place mentioned- and because of the name, they are very hard to search for- but I enjoyed it very much. Seafood Pasta was the special- wonderful!

Any thoughts about this place?

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  1. Had brunch there a year or two ago. Enjoyed it very much. Been meaning to return.

    1. I love EAT. My husband and I go for brunch. You can't beat the BYOB. We also had NYE dinner there. They let us bring all our own alcohol and even Red Bull to mix and didn't charge us a penny to do so.

      1. The have had a booth at the French Quarter Festival the past couple of years. They serve a shrimp and parmesan cheese grits dish that I still dream about!