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Feb 5, 2009 05:54 AM

Discount Dining Coupons 1/2 Price Question

Just saw that Eastern Standard is on the list starting today for 1/2 price dining coupons from -Discount Depot. You can buy a $50 coupon for $25 plus s&h. Has anyone use these coupons before?I see that Aura is on the available list and that Sonsie is upcoming. Is this a good deal-any drawbacks?

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  1. We acquired gift certificates just as you described and used them this past weekend at KO Prime. It couldn't have worked better. We had a party of eight and we used three certificates. (I had called in advance to check that this was allowable.) As with most restaurants they added the gratuity automatically. However, the calculated it on the discounted value, so we bumped it up for the waiter to the full value. To top it off, we each got an additional $20 coupon if we return in March.

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    1. re: sushidad

      No problem using them on Friday or saturday?

    2. That is as we say "a wicked bargain."

      At ES the coupon can't be used for booze.

      1. Very interesting deal. anyone know how long these offers have been running?? I do have my suspicions though.. It is a good way for a restaurant to gain immediate capital in this time of need, and I wonder if the restaurants signing up for this deal are the most desperate. The key thing to remember is that the there are no refunds if the restaurant closes... Be careful what restaurants you choose to buy the coupons from, because they may be in serious danger of closing. However I wouldn't expect a place like Eastern Standard to be in that danger category, which is why i went ahead and bought one... but then again who knowsss

        1. how do you get the site to work hit buy nothing happens can you help

          1. Thanks for the tip. I just ordered 2 with no problem except I had to type awfully fast as they have a time limit set for the order. I made a mistake typing, and was able to correct it with no problem, so maybe the ticking clock is not really working....The coupons are good until 2016 and from the looks of things, Eastern Standard should be around for a long time. We will definitely use them before they expire...thanks!

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              So we ordered the Eastern Standard one. Came in the mail yesterday. I was shocked that the card looked scratched, worn on the back and really in terrible shape. No way could you give it to someone as a gift. It looks like it's been hanging around someone's wallet and then kicked around the floor awhile. I'm hoping it is legit and works. Anyone else get theirs? I don't think this is a problem stemming from ES, just to clarify. I do think it's a problem with these folks:

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                I also ordered one for Eastern Standard. It came yesterday, but looks brand new. I didn't realize it is a plastic gift card instead of a paper gift certificate. Did yours come in a little ESK envelope for the card too?

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                  Just curious... has anyone actually tried to use this towards alcohol yet? It looks like a regular gift card and on the back it says it "can be used towards food, beverage and gratuity"... Maybe you CAN use it towards drinks?!

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                    We used one of the two we ordered- it works for drinks. Can't wait to use the other.